Gabo is a Gabumon who is Zero and Taichi's guide in the Digital World. He is a real worry wort however when Taichi faces Vamdemon he helps out by getting the Anti-data for Vamdemon's control technique. Gabo does eventually give them credit that they are a good team. He is annoyed with Taichi and Zero for being laid back. He is hurt during the fight for the 5th Tag. When he first meets with Taichi he is being chased by a Tortomon. He is healed by Taichi. He takes them to HolyAngemon castle. He isn't pleased at having to be the duo's guide.
Etemonkey is one of Demon's Henchmon and enjoys himself. He watches Taichi's and Zero's 'shows' with interest and gets Lords Vamdemon, Triceramon and Marine (first 3 Tag Perfects) to battle with the duo. He is deposed of by Neo's SkullSatamon when Demon tires of his failures. He reveals all of Demon's plans to Neo who doesn't care. He also reveales he worked for Demon so he could go to Earth and play with the children and perhaps even have a Tamer of his own.
Igamon (Ninjamon) joins up with Taichi + co and is protective of Rei. When Zero is injured he starts to fight Omegamon in his place but is obviously not match. Besides that he is mainly a cheerleader character.

Pal + Pul are PetieMamemon stumble across Rei while she is a Prisoner in Demon Castle. They come through the Air Vent. They help her escape and then when captured again with Sigma and Mari help them escape as well. The "Female" one is the leader of the duo. They also protect Rei and are mainly cheerleader characters.
Holy Angemon + Whamon are the good rulers of the Digital World and are the ones who brought Taichi to the Digital World to stop Demon. He and Whamon made up the Digital Worlds 1-0 combination but Whamon gave his life to Taichi so the Digivice 01 could be brought to him. HolyAngemon gets vexed when Arka comes with Neo to attack. He takes off his priest robes and goes to fight. He evolves but gets beaten but doesn't get deleted. Taichi and Zero come and save him just in time.
Leo is a Leomon who trains Digimon and is a good fighter. When Taichi arrives at Holy Angel Castle he has one of his trained Kuwagamon fight Zero to prove Taichi's worth as a Tamer. Leo doesn't agreee with Tamer/Digimon Bonds as 1 order too late could be too life threatening. He evoles to fight VenomVamdemon but gets injured and is just saved in time by Taichi.

Demon is the evil that threatens the existance of Earth and the Digital World. He takes over the castle that was home to the gods of the DW. Only digimon can enter but if a human has the 5 VTamer tags then a human can enter. *incidently the Alias 3 have cards that they can use in a 'slot face' of Demon* Demon created a super ultimate egg which housed Arkadimon. He had Etemonkey try and stop Taichi (and had Pico Devimon spy on Etemonkey to make sure he was doing his job properly) When the egg hatched he had Neo raise it for him but with an ulterier motive at the end to get rid of Neo but Neo takes total control of Arkadimon and has it delete Demon and absorb his data. Demon lays in wait inside of Arka and when Arka is defeated he arises again as Demon Super Ultimate.

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