Pendulum X 1.0
Dorumon and Kouta are running from Ookuwamon, Kouta shows sends his cape into Ookuwamon's face so Dorumon can attack with his Metal Cannon. It appears that Ookuwamon is defeated but we find out not as he uses Scissor Arm Omega on Dorumon. Ookuwamon wants Dorumon's X-Antibody for himself. Kouta stands infront of his partner to stop Ookuwamon finishing him off. Ookuwamon will go through Kouta anyhow to take it but is stopped by Ultimate Wargreymon (Wargreymon X). Kouta's Xai system lets him hear Dorumon's heart, Dorumon also says he has to protect Kouta and he begins to X Evovle.

Pendulum X 1.5
Omegamon says of the Death X Evolution and X Digimon will be destroyed. He goes to use his All Delete but it gets intercepted by Sieg Saber of Dukemon. On the Versandi Terminal - Present Kouta is falling but is caught by a Digimon. His Xai tells him that 'X Level Lowest' The Digimon is named as Raptordramon one of Dorumon's many evos. They are being chased by plenty of Ookuwamon and Kuwagamon. They become surrounded, Grandis Kuwagamon orders his arm to kill them to rid the X Data. The Pen X tells Kouta that 'In this world of battle you can't live on friendship alone' Kouta wises up and a New X Evolution happens - Grademon (Alphamon is seen in the background). Kouta then lets him go fight.

Pendulum X 2.0
On the Urd Terminal - Past Allomon are attacking Kouta and Dorugamon. Koutra tries to get the Xai System to work but it won't. Another boy then appears saying Kouta is only strong with his Digimon partner. The boy gets his partner, Ryuudamon, to attack the Allomon. Kouta is suprised at the boys expertise in fighting. A huge light is then seen along with Metal Garurumon X. Ultimate Brachimon is also seen and attacks Ryuudamon. It appears that Ryuudamon and he have fought before ending with Ryuudamon being hurt. We find out the boys name is Yuji and he is hurt from UB's attack. He knows he has to summon the X-Cast and manages to summon it with activating his Xai System. Tera Burst is launched and described as "The Killing Technique of Multipul Explosions"

Pendulum X 3.0
Omegamon's power will not work on something and goes on to say it isn't a Digimon. Dukemon understands why 'they' can X Evolve - it's the power to live. On Skuld Terminal - Future, Alphamon, Ouryuumon and the 2 bous stand in front of Death-X-mon. A fight begins with moments later a Blast Evolution occuring when Ouryuumon is hit and with Kouta's encouragement for his Digimon to live. Ouryuumon's data makes a sword thus making Alphamon War King Dragon Mode. AWKDM attacks with his Ultimate Battle Blade Ouryuuken. Next Alphamon stands with Omegamon. They are preparing for a fight as Omegamon will delete the Digimon and that is his mission until the end. The Manga ends rather strangely "Clashing Justices, The Ultimate Battle, All is Shown in Digimon Chronicle"

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