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Andromon is one of the most powerful digimon of all. His body is a tireless machine capable of almost anything. - Tentomon

I remember now we met Andromon on File Island he was the Android Digimon who had a Black Gear stuck in his mecanism but we removed it and freed him of it's evil spell - Tentomon

They digivolved mum Angemon is the fully evolved version of Patamon- Izzy

Angewomon is the same for Gatomon you see mom trust me on this huh - Izzy

I am Apocalymon, a mutant digimon. My Darkness Zone attack transforms my enemy into nothingness. I have the power to turn everything I touch into total darkness. - Apocalymon.

The masked man was the evil Lord Bakemon in disguise no one had ever seen him in his true form - Gomamon
The names Bukamon- Bukamon
Centarumon half man half horse you don't really want to get on either of his bad sides - Tentomon
Be careful, that's Cherrymon, Lord of the forest. And the best reason for the existence of termites. -Gabumon
That's Dark Tyrannomon. He was actually a nice guy once, until he was taken over by an evil computer virus and his personality did a 180. - Palmon
His names Datamon a super intelligent robotic digimon he disappeared without a trace sometime ago no one ever knew what happened to him - Tentomon
Demidevimon I've heard about you. - Tokomon
I'm flattered - Demidevimon
Don't be. Nothing I heard was good. - Tokomon
And the other guard is Deramon at first glance it looks like a bird digimon but it's actually got a plant growing out of it's back. -Izzy
Devimon ultimate ruler of the demon under world you must obey my every command - Devimon
Devidramon he's one nasty dragon, guardian of the gate Demi doesn't like losing. If you want a real surprise, look into his eyes you'll be hypnotized - Gatomon
Nothing can penetrate my shell, and when I poach my enemies with my 'Nightmare Syndromer' attack, their minds get cracked - Digitamamon
Those Divermon. If it wasn't for their Striking Fish attack, they'd be useless to me. - Metalseadramon
It's Dogukumon, and evil digimon with computer virus parasites covering his body - Izzy
Drimogemon lives deep inside the earth drilling tunnels he uses his iron drill spin and crusher bone to wipe out his enemies - Tentomon
I am Elecmon caretaker of the baby digimon don't cross wires with me- Elecmon
There's nothing entertaining about Etemon he has the power to control anything electronic through is Dark network - Tentomon
One of them's Floramon she's a plant type digimon who digivolves like a reptile her attack is Rain of Pollen. - Izzy
Here he is, Flymon. Classified as an insect Digimon, a virus type, and I think we already know what his attack is, and it's not very pleasant.-Izzy
Frigimon is a food friendly snowman. But don't worry, Tai. He's a good digimon. -Agumon
Uh oh, Garbagemon They're as tough as they are mean And they don't smell very good, either -Palmon
Gardromon. He's a machine digimon. And his armour is constructed of solid iron. Absolutely nothing can penetrate that can of beans. -Izzy
Garudamon is the Ultimate form of Birdramon. She commands the sky and protects the Earth. Her attack is a flaming bird called Wing Blade. - Tentomon
Gatomon she may look like a harmless little kitty but deep down she's an out of control wild cat don't ever cross her path. -Demidevimon
Look those are Gazimon on the evil scale of 1 to 10, 10 being bad these digimon are 12 - Tokomon
Oh thse are Gekomon i've heard of them they really love music not suprising since they're born with these horns - Gomamon
Gesomon-Take a bit of everything nasty that lives underwater, stick it together, and that's him -Tentomon
The other ones Gigadramon if anything he's more powerful than his buddy believe me if these guys were shooting at us we wouldn't still be here talking about it. - Tentomon
You can go ahead and scream it doesn't bother us Gizamon. We travel in packs, creating terror, whether on land or underwater - Gizamon
Gotsumon you are the mon we're gonna have such a blast in the real world they might name a building after you the Gotsumonument where they keep all the party supplies -Pumpkinmon
Hogmon, Super Hog Smell and the power to snort up enemies in a single sniff like this *snort* - TK (when he thought what Patamon could evolve into)
Oh, no! it's Kiwimon, a ancient digimon that was said to be extinct. Although he's a bird type digimon, his wings have degenerated, so he can't fly. - Tentomon
I'm Kokatorimon! My cock-a-doodle-doo'll blow out your eardrums - Kokatorimon
(Koromon) It means Brave Little Monster and don't forget it Tai - Kormon
His name is Kuwagamon. He's an insectoid digimon. Vicious and ruthless with teeth like knives and scissor hands that can chop through anything - Koromon
Ladydevimon programmed to be the ultimate fully digivolved fighting soilder she serves as gate keeper and body guard of the last dark master - Izzy
Leomon you may be mighty but now you face me your kind hearted leadership is unimpressive - Ogremon
It's just lil' ol' me Lillymon. Or should I say lil' old us? I'm Palmon and Togemon, too. I'm just Togemon's Ultimate form - Lillymon
Be prepared for another mega digimon he's called Machinedramon this metallic mutant can blow out a digimon like a birthday candle -Izzy
I am MagnaAngemon. I have eight shining wings and a beam shield. I wield the mighty sword Excaliber, and my devastating attack is the Gate Of Destiny. -Magnaangemon
He's called Mammothmon. He's a fully evolved digimon with the strength of a wolly mammoth. He shoots missiles he calls Tusk Crushers and does an attack he calls Freezing Breath. - Izzy
That's Megadramon a fully digivolved flying fiend with devistaing destructive powers. Those missiles of his can level a city block in the blink of an eye - Izzy
Kabuterimon was successful he digivolved to Ultimate MegaKabuterimon. Let's see if you can take him on Vademon - Izzy
That's Megaseadramon the regular old Seadramon was bad enough but compared to this fully digivolved version he was just an angry guppy - Patamon
Meet Mekanorimon. His Twin Beam will annihilate anything which makes housework a breeze. -Tentomon
Mekanorimon evil robots with one job blasting digimon i suggest we get out of here and fast -Agumon
Meramon is a firey digimon. There's no reason he should be in pain from his own flames. That's his nature. - Biyomon
You know Etemon was tough Metaletemon's a mega digimon after his banana split attack you'll have to peel us off the floor -Gomamon
Metalgarurumon has his Metal Wolf Claw attack he shoots a powerful cold blast at his enemies then blows them to pieces -Izzy.
Metal Greymon uses it's own body as a weapon during combat. It's most powerful weapon is the Geesha Destroyer
(Metalseadramon) This guy is one hard nose and I mean hard nose take my advice this is one train you'd rather miss -Chuumon
Mojyamon is a peaceful mountain digimon that doesn't like fighting. - Agumon
Although, it is wise to be a bit cautious with a Monochromon. They do tend to get a bit miffed when they're hungry - Tentomon
Monzaemon looked cute big old teddy bear but he wasn't very cuddly - Mimi
My friends call me Motimon everyone does acctually - Motimon
Oh, boy. Myotismon! How'd I ever get stuck working for this guy? Talk about a bad temper, and he's got all those bats! I hate bats - Demidevimon
It's Kuwagamon alright there's no mistaking that ugly face but he's sure bigger than what he was the last time - Palmon
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