Episode 01 - Taiki Goes to Another World!
Episode 02 - Shoutmon, Roar
Episode 03 - A Strong Rival Appears, Kiriha!
Episode 04 - Island Zone is in Turmoil!
Episode 05 - The DigiMemory Shines!
Episode 06 - X4, Overcome the Crisis!
Episode 07 - Volcanic Digimon, Great Explosion!
Episode 08 - The Fierce General Tactimon Closes In!
Episode 09 - Dorulumon Runs As the Wind!
Episode 10 - Taiki Becomes A Knight!
Episode 11 - Xros Heart, Burn!
Episode 12 - Sand Zone and the Great Adventure in the Ruins!
Episode 13 - Taiki, The Warrior of a Goddess!
Episode 14 - Warrior Beelzebumon, Dance!
Episode 15 - Heaven Zone, A Trap from Paradise!
Episode 16 - Dark Knight Digimon Arrive
Episode 17 - The Miraculous DigiXros! Shoutmon X5 Flies!
Episode 18 - Stingmon, Hero of the Great Digimon Forest
Episode 19 - The Legendary Deckerdramon, Moves!
Episode 20 - Dust Zone, The Big Scrap City of Grand Locomon!
Episode 21 - Decisive Battle! Dark Knightmon VS Xros Heart!
Episode 22 - Wisemon, The Secret of the Digital World!
Episode 23 - Shinobi Zone, The Comical Ninja Battle!
Episode 24 - Leftover Monitamons, Perservere!
Episode 25 - Zone Collapse! The Spark-scattering Taiki and Kiriha!
Episode 26 - Shoutmon, Proof of a King!
Episode 27 - Sweets Zone, Sweet Tooth Digimon Battle!
Episode 28 - The Ultimate Weapon Active! Hang in There Cutemon!
Episode 29 - Taiki, Kiriha vs. Bagra Army, Total Showdown!
Episode 30 - Brand New Journey!! Tokyo Showdown!!
Episode 31 - Towards a New World! The Blazing General of Dragon Land!!
Episode 32 - Stand up Kiriha! The Xros Heart Rescue Strategy!
Episode 33 - A Chill Running Down your Spine! The Moonlight General's Vampire Land
Episode 34 - A Dead Greymon! Shoutmon DX is Born
Episode 35 - Power Absorbed! The Hunters of Honey Land
Episode 36 - The Laughing hunter! Wood Spirit General Zamielmon
Episode 37 - Why, little brother?! The Nightmare of General Yuu
Episode 38 - The Mystery of Cyber Land! The Beautiful Girl in the City of Steel.
Episode 39 - Xros Heart in Crisis! The Sneaky Trap of the Water Tiger General.
Episode 40 - The Jolly Pirate is Revealed! Set Sail for Gold Land!!
Episode 41 - Olegmon, the Gold-thief laughs! Farewell Xros Heart
Episode 42 - Whisper to Kiriha! The Invitation of the Devil from The Earth God General of Canyon.
Episode 43 - The Mighty Love! Deckerdramon's Final Scream!!
Episode 44 - The bond of X7! The Sublime Battle with Gravimon
Episode 45 - The Last Kingdom, Bright Land of the Bright Sun
Episode 46 - Death or Alive, Decisive Battle of General of Hell
Episode 47 - Taiki VS. Yuu, The Showdown of the Boy Generals
Episode 48 - Beelzebumon, Vanished into the Light
Episode 49 - Taiki's Decision! Surpass the Strongest Apollomon!
Episode 50 - Revive! The Appearance of all Seven Death General!
Episode 51 - For the sake of the future of Digital World! Friendship with the Death Generals
Episode 52 - Bagra Brother! Bonds of Darkness
Episode 53 - Looming! Last Day of the Human World, D5!
Episode 54 - Seize the Glorious DigiXros of our Future!
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