The "ichi" in Taichi's name is the number one. The "maru" in Zeromaru means circle or zero. This is symbolic in making up a digimon and the Digital World.

Zeromaru (zero) is a Veedramon but is refered to unidentified digimon as it isn't allowed in the tournament that Taichi enters.

Japanese equivalent
Baby=In-Training, Child=Rookie, Adult=Champion, Perfect=Ultimate

Taichi is different from the Anime one but his attitude seems to be the same. He also has a different digimon called Zeromaru (Zero for short).

Holyangemon is Magnaangemon in Japanese.

Gabo is a cowerdly Gabumon who travels with Taichi and Zero.

Agumon's are training digimon under Leomon's command.

Leo is a Leomon who is not as friendly as the Anime Leomon.

Gekovitch is a Tonosama Gekomon (Shogungekomon) who Taichi and Zero proves a point against.

Demon is like the Anime Daemon but a lot stronger and meaner.

Etemonkey is an Etemon but works for Demon. He is a perfect and takes the mickey out of Taichi and Zero. He is deleted by Neo's Digimon Skullsatamon.

Pico Devimon is the japanese name for Demidevimon he works for Demon.

Gon is a Gomamon who lives by the sea.

Lord Triceramon is a perfect digimon and guardian of the Tag of Earth.

Lord Marine is a perfect digimon and guardian to the Tag of Sea.

Lord Whamon is the protector of the ocean but passes the title on to Gon.

Patamon is a digimon who travels with Taichi and Zero for a couple of Chapters but things are not what they seem.

Lord Vamdemon is the Japanese for Myotismon he is also a perfect digimon and guardian to the Tag of Illusions. He is not as "hot" as the anime myo and he is more evil though.

Neo is another Tamer but is the Tamer to Demon's Child Arcademon. He has 2 digivices and has Ogremon and Devimon as his other digimon who Jogress digivolve to Skullsatamon.

Jogress Digivolution is the Japanese name for DNA Digivolving.

Metalgreymon is Neo's old digimon whom he deleted as a Greymon but some of his Data remained and he became Metalgreymon. He rejoins Neo and is the Digimon that has to be defeated to get the Tag of Iron. Neo deletes him again for his failure and this time he is fully deleted

The Tag of Spirit is also known as the Tag of Illusions

The Tag of Iron is also known as the Metal Empire Tag


Daisuke is Davis

Takeru is Tk

Taichi is a different Tai from the Tv one

V-Mon is Veemon

Xv-mon is Exveemon

Takeru is Tk

Hikari is Kari

Lori is Cody

Miyako is Yolei

Digimental Up is Digi Armour Enegrise

Digimental are the Digieggs

Fladramon is Flamedramon

Lightdramon is Raidramon

Manga Special Frontier Generation Pointers

Once again it is a different Digital World and both Taichi and Takuya gets pulled into it.

It has nothing to do with the Frontier plot line on tv.
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