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Bokomon: Well, let me see.. hmm...! Big and red...likes flame...not Santa Claus...oh! Agunimon!

Bokomon: You nincompoop! That 'pretty little light' is Cerberumon's essence! So it looks like we're not done with him. Buzz OFF! You said you didn't WANT to carry the book.

Bokomon: Behold! Before the evil Cherubimon came, our world was a beautiful place.His power made many digimon go wild, and our world started to die. The only way to bring back everything that was lost is with the fractal code.

Bokomon: That's the Legendary Warrior of Light, Lobomon!

Bokomon: The Forest Terminal is a station located deep withing the realm of the Forest Kingdom. Ohh! We just follow the tracks, they'll take us right to it. Well, let's says--uh! Uhrg--! Uhrg--! NO WAY!!

Bokomon: Pretty! Pretty she says...ugh! These are the marks of the Ten Legendary Warriors!
Digidestined: The Ten Legendary Warriors?!
Neemon: Mmm...I've never heard of them!
Bokomon: Are you serious?! The Legend of the Ten Warriors is the first thing we learned in Digital World History! In ancient times, there were terrible wars between humanoid digimon and beast digimon, for control of the Digital World. One day an angel digimon called Lucemon appeared. He taught them how to resolve their differences and live in peace. And the fighting stopped. Lucemon was a wise, kind ruler, but the peace of the Digital World was short-lived. Lucemon, obsessed with his power, began to torment the peace-loving digimon, until they could take no more! It was then the ten brave warriors rose up against him--after a fierce battle they defeated Lucemon, restoring the peace. The legend says that one day the spirits of these ancient warriors will rise again in times of trouble.

Bokomon: Uh! Oh! It is! It's Kumamon! The Legendary Warrior of Ice!

Bokomon: Hmm...
Minomon: Aren't you listening to me, I said warning warning!
Bokomon: They're LARVA digimon.

Tommy: Is that--?
Agunimon: A spirit!
Neemon: Now where do you suppose THAT came from?
Bokomon: The metal surrounding it must have been too thick for the d-tector to, well, "d-tect" it, haha.
Agunimon: Look! JP spirit evolved!
Bokomon: Yes, to Beetlemon, the WARRIOR of THUNDER...

Bokomon: Certainly! Let's see now, beast, beast, beast, beast...I'm afraid I STILL don't see anything. Paws off, baggy!!
Neemon: But I think I found something! This page seemed to be folded over. Maybe there's other stuff inside!
Bokomon: Oh! It's a miracle, you're actually right. This changes everything! It seems there are TWO spirits for each of the Legendary Warriors!
Koji and Takuya: Huh?!
Zoe, JP, and Tommy: Wha?!Bokomon: The first is the human spirit, like Agunimon. But the second is called the BEAST spirit. That explains where Gigasmon came from. But HOW did he summon the beast spirit...?
Neemon: I wonder what life would be like as a beastie?
Bokomon: Let's feed you to one and you can find out from the inside, don't you REALIZE? This means that the children might have the power to spirit evolve again!

Bokomon: (Bakumon) Ah! He's supposed to be wearing his power ring, but apparently Cherubimon has taken it away.

Bokomon: KendoGarurumon, the beast of Light!

Bokomon: The book says the roots make the forest path tretcherous

Bokomon: Oh no, it's Ranamon!
Ranamon: Hi, y'all!
Bokomon: She's the warrior of Water, and very evil!

Bokomon: (Ranamon) This is very very BAD! As long as she's near water, her offensive power is expedientially ENHANCED!

Bokomon: It's a traders market on the continent north of here
Takuya: That was way better than I thought it'd be. But where is that Autumn Fair thing?
Bokomon: Mmhmm. It should be just up ahead.

Tommy: Uh, hey Bokomon, what does this book have to say about THIS area?
Bokomon: Well, let's see, I haven't found anything that---AHHH!! Bokomon: I wish I could tell you, but to be honest, I have no idea what awaits us there. It's an EERIE land shrouded in utter darkness--but the dangers it holds are as legendary as it's mysteries.
JP: There's gotta be SOMETHING written in the book about it!
Continent of Darkness, Chapter Twelve. Urh...
Takuya: Whoa! It's pitch black.

Bokomon: (all about IceDevimon) Oh, just death and destruction. You DON'T want to know what it says in here!
Neemon: How will I know THAT until I KNOW?
Bokomon: You make my brain hurt, just trust me! He's BAD business. Uh! The BADDEST business! Well if you MUST know, he went on a rampage across the Digital World, destroying digimon and eating whatever data he could get his HANDS on! Eventually he was captured. And since he was too powerful for even Cherubimon to destroy, he was sentanced to imprisonment without end. Are you happy now, Mr. and Mrs. Pushy Pants?!
IceDevimon: Haaa!
Bokomon: But wait a minute--imprisonment without end? Sure looks like it ended to me!
Tommy: So does the book say WHERE he's supposed to be imprisoned?
Bokomon: It doesn't, but I have a sinking suspicion we've found it!
Neemon: Well...let's UN-find it, ooo!

Bokomon: The THIRD moon that orbits the Digital World is usually covered with yellow colored sand, giving its surface and atmosphere a warm, golden appearance. Hmm...

JP: Bokomon, isn't there anything in your book about this?
Bokomon: Something's very WRONG here!! From cover to cover, there's nothing but blank pages! Everything has just DISAPPEARED!!

Bokomon: That's new...
Tommy: Look! It's not blank anymore!
JP: How did THAT happen?
Bokomon: I have no idea! But it looks like SOMETHING is answering us...
Zoe: What's it say?
Bokomon: It says...that if digimon are allowed into the human world...they will create CHAOS...and eventually--
Takuya: And eventually WHAT?! Tell us!
Bokomon: Eventually they will destroy it, utterly!

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