Seraphimon was keeper of the Light and Wind spirits after the 10 Ancient Warriors died. He got deleted in Frontier by Mercurymon. His digiegg was taken by Bokomon and kept in his waist pack mothering it! The egg gave off some power to allow Takyua and Koji to go to their A hybrid forms. The egg hatches to Patamon (has a pink bokomon waistband too). We do see Seraphimon again in a holo-vision form
Ophanimon was keeper of the Fire, Ice and Thunder spirits after the Ancient Warriors died. She is the voice that contacts the kids. She was imprisoned by Cherubimon is a crystal case (which the kids manage to break) She gets deleted protecting the kids but manages to give Takuya and Koji the power to go to their Z Hybrid forms. Her Digiegg also hatches to Salamon up on one of the moons. Ophanimon also appears as a holo-vision form

Cherubimon was keeper of the Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Darkness spirits after the death of the Ancient 10. He got angry with the other 2 guardians opinions on the war between digimon. Lucemon took advantage of this and filled Cherubimon with evil to do his bidding. When the DD's were sent for he made four Digimon from the Earth, Water, Wood and Metal spirits but couldn't manage to do the Darkness one! He manipulated a Kouichi to take control of the Darkness spirits which were also corrupted. However things didn't go to plan when he didn't get control of the other spirits. He got his 4 mons to gather fractual code to help revive Lucemon. One by one the 4 evil mon were defeated and Koichi was made good and joined his brother with the Digidestined. He had sealed Ophanimon away but she was freeded. He went on to delete her and almost defeated the DD's but they evolved to Z-Hybrids and removed his darkness as he went back to Vaccine but it was too much and he became a Digitama. His egg did hatch to Lopmon and like the others appears in holo-vision .

For information on Lucemon and his forms visit Immortal Darkness my Vamdemon + Lucemon Shrine* it has tons of info and loads of piccies ^^

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