This Jeri look alike is Chiaki. She is one of the 4 kids who stayed in the Digital World and is under Angemon's protection while there

This could easily be Tommy's brother but he is called Teruo. He is also one of the 4 kids who stayed in the Digital World and is under Angemon's protection

This Kazu look alike is Katsuharu. His one of the kids who bullied Tommy her also stayed in the Digiworld but gets sent back home with the others when the 'Spirit' Kids send them he is also under Ange's protection and is leader of the 4

This Kenta look alike is called Teppei. He is one the kids that bullied Tommy and like the others is under Ange's protection he is Katsuharu's best mate

Takyua's Family
Yuriko - Mum
Hiroaki - Dad
Shinya - Brother

Koji and Kouichi Family
Tomoko - Original Mum (she is still alive Kouichi lives with her *bottom pic*)
Satomi - Step Mum
Kousei *nice one Saya* -Koji and Kouichi's dad married Satomi but didn't tell Koji Tomoko was still alive!
Dog - Ok being petty but they have a dog :p

The 2 follow the kids all the way through Frontier. Bokomon (left) carries a book that has just about all info you can imagin in it! He carries Seraphimon's egg after he is destoryed until the lil thing hatches into Patamon in which he gets Pata to call him PapaMom lol. He swears to write down the adventures of the children who became the legendary warriors. Neemon is the simple one of the team however he does on the very rare occasion come up with something decent.

JP Family
Just Parents i believe.

Zoe Family
I know that she has a dad name unknown

Tommy Family
I know he has an older brother called Kenji, a mum and a dad but there names i don't know.

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