In Savers as we know human emotions were given a lot of umph in the storyline including the effect that they had on the Digimon. The deadly sins were given the empashis in Episodes 2 to 11 (ok there were other exceptions but these were the main ones)

Episode 2, Kunemon + Takashi
Sin: Sloth or Wrath
Takashi didn't want to take care of the school animals and he wished them to be gone. Kunemon granted that wish

Episode 4, Drimogemon + the 2 Robbers
Sin: Greed or Wrath
The robbers wanted Money and then wanted run Masaru and Agumon over so they could get away.

Episode 6, Elecmon + Fight Leader
Sin: Wrath
When Masaru had beaten up a team from another area their leader was annoyed at Masaru and wanted revenge, his was impatience for the lights to change and his anger caused Elecmon to come to the human world.

Episode 8, Keramon + Neon Hitoshi Hanamura
Sin: Wrath or Envy :
Neon want to be famous and Keramon spread his name around hacking into anything electronical. Neon got annoyed at Yoshino and the others thinking they were making fun of him.

Episode 9 , Togemon + Manami Tsubasa
Sin: Pride and Wrath
Manami kept her fathers Pride and wanted to hurt anyone who hurt her father (Hayase Tsubasa) in boxing. Hayase had no idea about this.

Episode 10, Soulmon + Chika
Sin: Wrath
Masaru seemed to embarass Chika in front of Touma and she hoped bad things would happen to him. Bad stuff did happen thanks to Chika's feelings.

Episode 11, Evilmon + PicoDevomon + Shiratori
Sin: Greed
Koichiro's father needed money badly due to debts. Shiratori was gambling on horses, the Pico fixed the races for him.
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