The Yagami's/Kamiya's are Tai + Kari's parents. Yuuko is their mothers name and Susuko is their fathers name They both were captured by the Bakemon. Their dad lead a team to distract the Bakemon so that the chant Sora used to stop them would work *phanto stopped it* Once they accept their kids are the DD's they are suppotive but their mum is a lousy cook

Mr Hiroaki Ishida + Natsuko "Nancy" Takashi are Matt + TK's parents who split up when the kids were little. TK lives with Nancy + Matt with Hiroaki. In 01 Hiroaki says he knows Gabumon *dub error...* Nancy was dubious to let the 2 kids go to the Digiworld again but with some talking from Hiroaki she lets them go

The Takenouchi's are Sora's parents. Her mum (her first name can be translated to one of the following: Kiyoko, Sumiko, Yoshiko, Toshiko, Hideko, Itsuko *thanks to WTW*) owns a flower shop and doesn't want Sora to play football. She meets Biyomon when the Bakemon attack and when they find Sora missing they disguise themselves as Bakemon. But she ends up getting captured. She is the first to 'wake up' and chant Myotismon Lord and Master. Sora's dad Haruhiko appears in 02 and we find his abcense is because he is a professor who knows about the Digimon.
The Izumi's are Izzy's adoptive parents. His Adoptive Dad is called Masami and his Adoptive mother is called Yoshie. His real parents died in a car crash when he was very young. They treat him like a son since they lost one of their own. Masami is a reletive to Izzy's real father. The finally tell him during the Myo/Venom saga but they find out he already knows. They end up trusting and kinda helping in the battle agains Venom
The Tachikawas are Mimi's parents. Her mother is called Satoe and her dad Keisuke. Mimi gets her cry wingy attitude from her mother. Satoe cooks quite a lot and the same profession Mimi goes into. I think Keisuke has an office job as he commutes to work every day using the train.

Shinn "Jim" Kido + Shuu "Jim" Kido. In the dub both brothers are called Jim *yet another Dub error*. His dad is a doctor but we never see him. There is very little reference to Joe's mother. Jim/Shuu becomes Mr Takenouchi's helper in 02. The first season Jim is a doctor as well

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