Digimon Analyser Season 4 *These are the pic analyer

Bokomon: And you could certainly do worse. Angemon has a virtuous and compassionate heart, and few can withstand his Hand of Fate attack...

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Asuramon, a legendary digimon with three heads and four arms! His Fire Fist of Shiva attack is a quadrupal threat!

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Bakumon. The product of a medical sleep research computer program. His special attack is Nightmare Syndrome.

Bokomon: Burgermon! A digimon with a burger-shaped head.

Bokomon: That is one bad dog. Bad dog! Ceberumon, special attack Emerald Blaze--and that's why we need your help!

Bokomon: Centarumon isn't too big on brains, but he's huge on brawn. And his Solar Ray attack won’t brighten up your day.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Chameleomon, with their specialized skin they can appear to disappear. And a tongue lashing from them is one you'll never forget.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Cherrymon. Evolved from Woodmon. He's like Woodmon's older, bigger, and much meaner brother.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Datamon is great with any type of machine or electronic device but he's not so good with people.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): *Dogmon* Doggymon He's full of sneaky tricks and can stretch himself like rubber.

Bokomon: Goblimon! This ogre digimon loves being bad. His special attack is Goblin Strike!

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Golemon. Made almost entirely of stone. His special attack, Sulfur Plume, is a blast of volcanic gas that turns his enemies to ashes.

Bokomon: Gomamon are cute and curious but if you get them mad they won't hesitate to attack. Then again what does around here?

D-Tector (Ophanimon): The Honeybeemon's speed makes them dangerous. Luckily they're not so swift upstairs.

IceDevimon One of the nastiest Digimon around. Don't expect any mercy from this cold hearted creature.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): IceLeomon, The proud and mighty king of the cold his chilling attack will stop anyone in their tracks

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Karatenmon, a wandering warrior. It's said that he has acaine abilities gained through the guidance of many mysterious masters.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Knightmon are always ready, willing, and able to fight. They won't hesitate to use their Electric Slash attack

Bokomon: Kokuwamon! Machine digimon. When they feel threatened they let out a million volt electrical charge. Their special attack is Power Surge.

Bokomon: That IS Lucemon, but now he's in his more powerful Chaos Mode

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Mamemon are small, ball-like robot digimon. They are friendly, but if threatened, they pack a wallop with their Smiley Bomb attack.

Bokomon: Gotsumon Their living rocks but basically kids and can be real troublemakers. Let me tell you.

Bokomon: Gotsumon (screw up this was Meteormon) This digimon eats Meteor Burgers his special attack is Cosmo Flash

Bokomon: Oryxmon is a great black goat who acts as a sentry. He is programmed to hold large amounts of Data, which help him protect the secret treasures and ruins of the Digital World.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): If he doesn't get you with his razor sharp claws, Parrotmon will defeat you with his Sonic Destroyer attack.

Phantomon Always carry a scythe and knows how to use them. They wear crystals around their necks, which give them clairvoyant power, and their just dying to see into the future to see who their next victim will be.

Bokomon: Those creatures are Pipismon. They're mutant digimon whose power is greatest in the dark. They can reflect sound back exactly as it's heard.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Raremon. A sewer digimon. If the smell of it's rotting flesh doesn't knock you out, it's acid sludge attack WILL.

Bokomon: Sagittarimon, half man, half horse--and all mean. His Judgement Arrow attack is three prongs of pain!

Bokomon: Sepikmon. This lonely digimon has NO friends, and spends all his time throwing his Spirit Boomerang--to himself.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Evil hackers turned the Toy Agumon into Shadow Toy Agumon. Their special attack is Plastic Blaze--but the pain it causes sure isn't fun and games.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): ShadowWereGarurumnon is a particularly nasty character. His special attack is Shadowclaw.

Bokomon: Shamanmon is a medium. This all-seeing Digimon does a ceremonial dance and uses his magical club to see into the future.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Skullsatamon a frightening fallen angel digimon who's lust for power and destruction is only exceeded by his loyalty to Lucemon he's an unatural disaster with his deadly bone blaster.

Bokomon: Snimon! This praying mantis digimon has blades for hands! His special attack is Twin Sickles.

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Starmon! A helpful star-shaped Digimon. His special attack is Meteor Squall.

Bokomon: Superstarmon, a legend in his own time. His special attack is Haley's Squall.

Bokomon: Swanmon! Feathered, yet fierce. This digimon's beauty is only rivaled by her protective instincts. The feathers will definitely start flying if you try to mess with THIS mama.

Bokomon: Ohh, goodie, it's the Toucanmon. Gaudy looking creatures, but very timid. Their attack is Crazy Crest. Sounds rather silly, doesn't it?

D-Tector (Ophanimon): The Shadow Agumon turned Monzaemon into Warumonzaemon. His Heart Break Attack will REALLY bring you down.

Bokomon: Wizardmon! This mysterious Champion level digimon can make you disappear--with his Electral Squall and Magical Game attacks...

Bokomon: That's Woodmon. A plant digimon who's Branch Bash Attack is one of tremendous strength--and his bark is like armour!

D-Tector (Ophanimon): Volcamon, a cyborg digimon, who uses his microphone to project his Magma Base attack. You'll get a really bad vibe from this guy!

Sepkimon: Let me see, Zanbamon, Gryphonmon, Pteramon, Grankuwagamon, Airdramon

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