Barbamon relates to Barbatos. The Purple symbol in the top pic is his sign. His sin is Greed and his celestial planet is Saturn. He is the evil digimon (or at least for now) behind the Digital World's problems in Next. He commands various Digimon and is after the 'Digi Memories' in order to fully take over. But since he can't do that just yet he sends out teams of Commandermon to kill Digimons. He is the master behind Shou and Peckmon, brainwashing Shou into working for him. He started out with the Dark Digimon Memory and after having Piccolomon attacked he gains the Holy one. He then goes onto get AlturKabuterimon's Insect Memory. Barbamon classes Murmuxmon as his equal and created Chaosdramon. He gives the Digi Memories to NEO. For whatever reason he has Norun in his castle. We find out in Battle 22 he has fused with Yggdrail, not long after he is defeated and releases his Dark Digimemory and gives his data making NEO to be born.
Zanbamon is one of the 3 Commanders in the Commandments. He is an ultimate level and is able to take out GeoGreymon in one swipe. His sword is called Ryuuzanmaru (Dragon Behead Blade), this blade has destroyed 99 Dragons. His attacks are Prison Gate Beheading and Cross Slash. It appears that the Blade is what makes Zanbamon hunt. He and Chaosdramon appear to be destroyed by a light. However he does turn up later to help with the other commandments against NEO.
Chaosdramon is one of the 3 Commanders in the Commandments. He is an ultimate level, he doesn't get on with Zanbamon. He leads the assult on the secret rebel base and manages to kill Andromon. He is made up of Red Digizoid, the stronest of all Digizoid. He can use a virus attack called Destroyed Hook and Hyper Infinity Cannon which is a huge attack of Destruction. MachGaogamon is able to use part of the hook to send Chaosdramon insane and slashes him up. Chaosdramon would not hesitate in going against Barbamon so he could take control. He was made from the Dark Area as the Ultimate Fighting Machine. He and Zanbamon appear to be destroyed by a light. However we find later he is just seriously messed up but is surviving.
Murmuxmon is the final of the 3 Commanders in the Commandments. His attack is Gehenna Flame. Like the others is an Ultimate level. He comes in to pull Chaosdramon back from the base attack. Murmuxmon was once a HolyAngemon protecting the System World. He found a Chibimon that had been abandoned by his Tamer, Chibimon was sick but HolyAngemon couldn't save it's life. After he dies Barbamon comes and changes him into Murmuxmon. Murmuxmon is taken out by Ravemon. However late he comes back as HolyAngemon to help fight against NEO as it would have been Chibimon's wishes.
NEO Form 1 - when it is still in development stage
NEO Form 2 - when it has hatched and could be due to the Holy Memory.
NEO Form 3 - not sure if this is because of the Insect Digimemory being given to him
NEO Form 4 - obvious change from the Machine Digimemory being given to him
NEO Form 5 - another obvious change from Pichimon and the Water Digimemory being given to him
NEO Form 6 - When Barbamon is defeated the Darkness Digimemory, the Bird Digimemory as well as a LOT of Data is given to NEO making him be born into this form.
NEO Form 7 - NEO simply takes the Beast Digimemory giving him the feet
NEO Form 8 - NEO simply takes the Dragon Digimemory giving him his right arm. This is his final form with all 8 memories. He is defeated by VictoryGreymon but before he comes to realise that his future isn't the right one and breaks back down to the 8 memories.
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