Japanese Name: Sayuri Daimon
English Name: Sara Damon This is Masaru's mother Sayuri. She isn't at all freaked over Agumon because she knows of her husbands involvement with the Digimon.

Japanese Name: Chika Daimon
English Name: Kristy Damon
Masaru's little sister is Chika she has Digisoul, she for a short time partners up with Piyomon and even helps him evolve to Garudamon on a couple of occasions. When older she and Ikuto go to the same school.

Japanese Names: Kenji Noguchi + Misuzu Noguchi
English Names: Kevin Crier + Michelle Crier
The Noguchi family are Ikuto's human parents, Kenji his father and Misuzu his mother. They were part of the research team that went to the Digital world with Suguru. They have a Digital Gate at their home which opened dragging Ikuto in when he was a baby. They also have a baby girl

Relena is Touma's sick younger half-sister. She is in a wheelchair. Kurata offers Touma a deal, to help his sick sister he must work for him. Touma accepts to help his sister.

Franz, Touma's dad is an Austrian Aristocrat. He is sort of helping Kurata but only so he can cure Relena's illness. He lives with Relena and a butler. He is disappointed in Touma for going back to DATS Japan from Europe.

This is Touma's Grandmother on his fathers side, she doesn't accept Touma as a Norstein until Relena is born ill.

Japanese Name: Chief Hashiba
English Name: Director Hashima
Chief Hashiba is one of the goverment chiefs, not a DATS member. He threatens to close DATS down as the Digimon occurances get worse. The guy in the background appears to be his secretary type person. This rat appears to be supporting Kurata all the way, until Kurata shows his true motives.

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