Digimon Analyser / Introduction Corner Season 7

Bakomon. Type: Mutant. Special Attack: Gum Roll. Trans Delivery. Bakomon. A Digimon whose whole body is make up of cardboard boxes. His special attack is using masking tape as a weapon to trap his opponents, Gum Roll!

Betsumon. Type: Puppet. Special Attack: Straight-Man Punch. Betsumon. He poses as all kinds of Digimmon, putting the enemy at his mercy. His special attack is stopping his opponent's cold with his incomprehensible gags, Cold Gag.

Blossomon. Type: Plant. Special Attack: Spiral Flower. Blossomon. A plant Digimon with lots of tentacles! It's Special attack is throwing small flowers that act like shuriken, Spiral Flower!

Dobermon. Type: Demon Beast. Special Attack: Garu Larm, Schwartz Strahl. Dobermon. A vicious Digimon who hunts his prety with swift speed. His special attack is a howl that seals his opponent's abilities, Grau Larm!

Ekakimon. Type: Mutant. Special Attack: Colourful Change. Mini Mini Ekakimon. Ekakimon. This Digimon is shaped like a colouring pencil and has lots of colours. He has the ability to turn drawings into real life.

FlaWizarmon. Type: Demon Man. Special Attack: Magic Ignition. Fire cloud. FlaWizarmon. A Digimon who uses fire magic and carries wands shaped like matchsticks. His special attack is changing the entire area around him into a fire storm, Fire Cloud

Gigabreakdramon Type: Machine Dragon. Special Attacks: Infinity Boring, Detroid Rush, Gravity Press. Gigabreakdramon. He's a giant machine Digimon that's said to be the ultimate Digimon of destruction. His Special attack is Infinity Boring! It uses the drills throughout his whole body.

Gumdramon Type: Small Dragon. Special Attacks: Ran-gum Break, Jacked Hammer, Fire Vortex. Gumdramon, he's a naughty Small Dragon Digimon that likes to stand out. His special attack is Ran-gum Break. He attacks by waving his tail around.

Harpymon. Type: Mythical Beast. Special Attack: Wind Seeker. Harpymon. A Digimon with wings for arms, who flies the skies at high speed! Its special attack is controlling the winds to release hollow lades of air, Wind Seeker!

Infermon. Type Unknown. Special Attack: Hell's Grenade. Cocoon Attack. Infermon. A Digimon shaped like a spider with long limbs. He can draw his limbs inside his body to take on an activley defensive posture.

Kotemon Type: Reptile. Special Attack: Flame Head Stroke, Thunder Wrist Stroke. Kotemon. A Digimon amiming to be the first-class swordsman if the Digital World! His special attack is using a kendo stick wrapped in flame energy to aim for the head, Flame Head Stroke!

Locomon. Type: Machine. Special Attack: Steam Bomb. Oil Grinder. Locomon. A Digimon shaped like a steam locomotive who only purpose in life is to keep running. His special attack is throwing his spiky gears at the enemy, Oil Grinder!

MetallifeKuwagamon. Type: Insect. Special Attack: Homing Laser. Emit Blade. MetallifeKuwagamon. A Digimon who both tough armour and fast moves. His special attack is shooting beams from the muzzles at all ten fingertips, Homing Laster.

Ogremon. Type: Man. Special Attack: Fist of the High King. Ogremon. A Digimon who looks like a demon and is very antagonistic. The bone club that he endlessly swings around with his sinewy muscles makes very powerful impacts.

Opossumon Type: Beast. Special Attacks: Mad Baloon Bomb. Opossumon, A Cute Digimon whose colourful balloons are her trademark. Her special attack is throwing exploding balloons, Mad Baloon Bomb.

Pagumon. Type: Lesser. Special Attack: Poisonous Bubbles. Pagumon. A small Digimon who can freely use the ears sprouting for his head like hands! He loves to pull pranks and cause trouble for those around him.

Patamon. Type: Mammal. Special Attack: Air Shot. Wing Slap. Patamon. A Digimon who flies by flapping his large ears! Except he flies so slow that it'd be faster if he just walked.

Phelesmon. Type: Fallen Angel. Special Attack: Black Statue. Demon's Shout. Phelesmon. A Fallen angel Digimon who holds a pitchfork! His special attack Black Statue turns his opponents into black statues!

Quartzmon. Type: Unknown. Special Attack: Gypto Particle Ray. Ruin Blast. Quartzmon. A special giant Digimon that has its main human-shaped body at the very top of a dark sphere. It amplifies its power by continuously absorbing the world's data.

RookChessmon. Type: Puppet. Special Attack: Strong Fold. Rook Gatling. Castle Wall. RookChessmon. A Digimon shaped like a fortress who boasts of an iron wall defence. His special attack is shooting from the muzzle on his arms, Rook Gatling.

Shoutmon Type: Small Dragon. Special Attacks: Soul Crusher, Rock Damashii, Rowdy Rocker. Shoutmon. The Digimon King! He's super famous! His special attack is Soul Crusher! He hits you with the fierce scream of his soul!

Submarimon. Type: Aquatic. Special Attack: Oxygen Homing. Submarine Attack. Submarimon. A Digimon who can swim freely underwater while someone rides on his back! His special attack is firing hight pressure oxygen at his enemies, Oxygen Homing.

Superstarmon. Type: Mutant. Special Attack: Halley Squall. SuperStarmon. A flashy Digimon shaped like a star! His special attack convists of a stream of shooting stars, Halley Squall!

Vamdemon. Type: Undead. Special Attack: Night Raid. Vamdemon. A cruel Digimon who is known as the King of the Undead Digimon. He spreads his cape like bat's wings to fly.

Volcdramon. Type: Dragon. Special Attack: Volcanic Foam. Circle of Death. Volcdramon. A Huge mountain-like Digimon who lives in an active volcano. His special attack spits out super-hot magma at the enemy, Volcanic Foam.

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