Name: Azulongmon (Quinlongmon)
Stage: Ultimate
Section: East
City: Seriyu
Name: Zhuqiamon
Stage: Ultimate
Section: South
City: Suzaku
Name: Baihumon
Stage: Ultimate
Section: West
City: Byakko
Name: Ebonwumon/Xuanwumon

Stage: Mega
Section: North
City: Genbu
Name: Huanglongmon (Fanglongmon for dub)
Section: Center
City: Kyoto (kinda)

In episode 33 of Digimon Adventure 02, Chance Encounter in the English version, Yolei went to visit Kyoto on a class trip. In this episode. Yolei learns about the two worlds and the legends surrounding it. Yolei meets Shuu Kido, and Mr Takenouchi. They explain to her about Kyoto. Kyoto is the place where it is said that the 2 worlds are at their weakest and that's why Digimon were able to pass. This is also why people built temples in this area. The 4 Digigods are explained about at this point.

In points of Chinese mythology it is said that there are four guardians protecting the land. However as of late we've found there are in fact Five guardians protecting the Digital World. These guardians are made up of five mega digimon. These guardians are the Digital World's equivalent to the five guardians that are said to protect the real world.

In Episode 37 Kyoto Dragon the 02 digidestined meet up with Azulogmon. *the first Digigods to be seen in the show* Azulogmon explains it all *hey Tamer reference!* He tells them that the keepers of Hope and Light (Tk and Kari) were able to break his seal:

"There are many similarities between your world and ours. After a long battle, we guardians were sealed away by each of the Dark Masters. It was then that seven of the eight digidestined came to the Digital World. And once the seven had returned to their own world, the Dark Masters dismantled it and reshaped it to fit their own needs. The eight children and their digimon were able to defeat the Dark Masters, but we were still trapped beneath the seal. In order to break the seal, we needed to take away the power from the digidestined crests. Unfortunately, it meant the digimon could no longer digivolve to their ultimate levels." -Azulogmon explaining it all. *i edited all the useless stuff in the middle of it*

In the Digimon World 3 we find that the cities are renamed after the digigods.

We see some more gods in Tamers and again mythology was shown with the Devas. But that's a different myth.

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