Digimon Analyser Season 2

I am Andromon. I have one mission: Seek out my enemy and destroy them with my lightning blade. - Andromon

I'm Ankylomon a champion digimon my whole body is surronded by super strength steel. I flatten evil doers with my Megaton Press Attack and the iron balls that shoot from my tail hammer will definatly put a dent in any enemies plans. - Ankylomon

I am Apemon i swing into action and use my mega bone stick attack to demolish my enemies - Apemon

Aquillamon this giant winged digimon soars along at supersonic speeds and beats his apponents with his special Grand Horn Attack. - Stingmon

Wowee, I think my shell fell asleep. Hi, I'm armadillomon and you and I are partners. - Armadillomon

(Arukemimon) An ultimate digimon welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly - Arukenimon

Despite their obvious dental hygiene problems, Bakemon are able to accurately impersonate any other creature. Their attack is called the 'Dark Claw' - Veemon

Betamon is really cool. He lives in the water and uses his Beta Slugger attack to wipe out his enemies - Palmon

That's Bigmamemon bon't let his size fool you either he looks slow but watch out for his big smirk bomb attack - Patamon

That's Blossomon an ultimate digimon her spiral flower attack is a good excuse for weed killer and her children are like thorns - Ken

Blackwargreymon is a mega digimon who looks like Wargreymon but he's pure evil his terror destroyer attack unleashes a concentration of 100 persent of negative energy - Pegasusmon

That's Coelmon if he thought Crabmon was Crabby wait till you see this guys fossil bite attack he'll wipe out his enemies hook, line and sinker - Veemon

I'm Crabmon i use my scissors attack on anyone who gets in my way if you need help call me in a pinch - Crabmon

Daemon he's a spooky digimon not only attacks with his (gitentic?) wings and desdly force beams but his evil inferno can really turn up the heat on his enemies oh (don't understand last bit) - Veemon

A computer programme turned Tyrannomon into the evil Darktyrannomon Watch out for his fire breath attack. - Tk

Deltamon is a dragon type digimon with a metal head for one hand, and a skull for the other! His attacks are tri-flex force and dragon's bite! -Veemon

Deputymon is a barrel-chested digimon that shoots from the lip. But, usually he's helpful and harmless. - Armadillomon

(Digmon) I too am an armour digimon. As Armadillomon, I use the Digiegg of Knowledge to armour digivolve.

(Digitamamon) Nothing can penetrate my shell, and when I poach my enemies with my 'Nightmare Syndromer' attack, their minds get cracked. - Digitamamon

Oh, no! It's the dreaded Dokugumon! He's a poison Digimon, who's special attack is 'Poison Thread'! You don't want to get caught up in his web! - Hawkmon

Dolphmon are playful champion digimon of the ocean but you wouldn't be too playful if they hit you with their pulse blast attack - Submarimon

Drimogemon lives deep inside the caveties of the Digital World his Drill Spin Attack will make you wish you're at the dentist - Tentomon

No problem. I never run out of ideas or slaves. Ebidramon uses his Twin Scissors attack to crush the enemy like a snail - Digimon Emperor

(Exveemon) I feel like a new 'mon! Davis, wait 'til you see my V Laser attack! I'll make Vee Head Butt look like a tip of the shoulder. - Exveemon

I am Flamedramon. As Veemon, I used the digiegg of courage to armour digivolve. My 'Fire Rocket' attack will charbroil the enemy like a well-done steak - Flamedramon

We're Floramon! We may look like flowers, but our 'Rain of Pollen' will make hay fever look like a walk in the roses! - Floramon

That's Flymon. THe only thing worst than his Deadly Sting attack, is the sound he makes when attacking! When I hear him coming, I usually just dig a hole until he blows over. - Armadillomon

Freeze them, Frigimon, with your SubZero Ice Punch! It's amazing how these docile creatures can be turned into such abominable snowmen. - Digimon Emperor

I know all about Gizamon. They're amphibian digimon with webbed feet. Their fins cut through the water like knives. - Digimon Emperor

(Giromon) You can't get much nastier than me that's for sure my spinning mine attack will sing your ship. - Giromon

Golemon a monsterous digimon made up of stone and mineral. His Crimson Curse Attack overpowers his enemies. - Palmon

Gorillamon is the Digimon I saw in New York. Watch out for his Energy cannon attack! It'll drive you bananas. - Michael

I am Guardromon. Whoever enters the premisis will become victims of my grenade destroyer attack - Guardromon

(Hawkmon) Ah! It feels so good to be out from underneath that stuffy rock and spread my wings! - Hawkmon

(Halsemon) I am an armour digimon. As Hawkmon, I use the digiegg of Love to armour digivolve. I use my tempest wing attack to defeat my enemies

Imperialdramon fighter Mode in this mode he has the ability to walk of two legs and his fighting power is tripled - Ken

Kimeramon is my ultimate creation. I used other digimon to create this unstoppable fighting creature. His Heat Piper attack will melt enemies into oblivion - Digimon Emperor

Hello Knightmon don't get him angry Mummymon because he'll drive you crazy with his beserk sword attack - Arukenimon

Kunemon these larva digimon have a shocking attack the electric thread There small but but pack quite a wallop - Armadillomon

I'm Ladydevimon a fallen angel digimon my darkness wave attack changes my opponents power into exploding dark energy - Ladydevimon

I am a golden armour Digimon, Magnamon. I attack with my Magna Blaster,and I look so good doing it too. - Magnamon

He's nothing but a deadly blood sucking fiend nothing is as evil as Malomyotismon - Gatomon

That's Mamemon don't let his size fool you what he lacks in hight he makes up for with his smirk bomb attack - Agumon

Hardly we're Mammothmon giant wooly digimon who travel in heards you are no match for our tusk crusher - Mammothmon

I am Marinedevimon an ocean digimon i use my dark deluse attack i shoot out poison ink - Marinedevimon

(Megaseadramon) He's an ultimate level digimon who destroys his enemies with his Lightning Javelin and Mega Ice Blast attacks. - Ikkakumon

Meramon are very dangerous. They can burn you with their roaring flame attack or just by touching you. - Kari

Metalgreymon's armour not only protects him, but it conceals his destructive Giga Blaster attack! - Tk

He's Metalmamemon being a cyborg type digimon he's the strongest of all his metal smirk bombs are iron clad - Agumon

Minotarumon is a champion digimon with a nasty left jab his earth quake drill will turn that bridge into stepping stones - Raidramon

Mojyamon is a frosty digimon that lives in the snowy mountains. His bone boomerang attack will make your head spin. - Tentomon

Monochromon! His shell is harder than diamonds! His attack, Volcanic Strike, sends out millions of fireballs - Tk

(Mummymon) Yes and i'll let you in a secret i've had underwraps my snake bandage attack is ghostly - Mummymon

We're Mushroomon. You wouldn't want US in your veggie omelette! We may be cute as buttons, but our 'Fungus Cruncher' will leave you scratching your head - Mushroomon

That's Musyamon a warrior digimon who takes different shapes i've seen him use his shogun sword attack to make mincemeat out of his enemies - Poromon

That's Nefertimon! She's a flying, fighting machine with nine lives. And, she's quite a shot when throwing those Rosetta Stones of hers! -Veemon

I should have known that attack belonged to Ninjamon. He'll attack at the most inappropriate moments. He's quite a vulgar Digimon if you ask me. - Hawkmon

Okuwamon is an ultimate digimon stay clear of his double scissor claw attack he has a cutting sense of humour - Arukenimon

Exveemon and Stingmon DNA digivolved into Paildramon his desparodo Blaster Attack will beat Okuwamon for sure - Tk

That's Pegasusmon! He's one wild horse! When he attacks with his Star Shower, his Enermies will be blasted into outer space. - Armadillomon

I am Raidramon! As Veemon, I use the digiegg of Friendship to armour digivolve. My blue thunder and electric bite attacks annhililate my enemies! - Raidramon

(Redveggiemon) I am the biggest and the ripest of all Vegiemon. My stinkjet attack destroys my enemies with noxious fumes! - Redveggiemon

I'm roachmon. - Roachmon 1
And I'm him twin brother, roachmon. - Roachmon 2
I use my garbage dump attack to trash my enemies. - Roachmon 1
and I use my yard sale bombs to wipe out my opponents and clean out my garage! - Roachmon 2

Well, I don't know if we're digimon, but I know we're Scubamon. We have big flippers for swimming deep in the ocean - Scubamon

Wow, Michael! Seadramon is your Digimon! I still get chills remembering his Ice Blast and Ice Winder attacks! - Mimi

Shakkoumon is the coolest thing out since cat litter his enemies better make travel plans because his Catchina Bombs will send them flying - Gatomon

I've seen him in action before! Shogunkekomon is an Ultimate digimon! You may think he just toots his horns, but he can flat a note so flat, it'll flatten everything around him. - Tk

I am Shurimon. As Hawkmon, I use The Digiegg of Sincerity to Armour Digivolve. My 'Double Stars' attack is double trouble! - Shurimon

Silphymon is the DNA digivolve form of Gatomon and Aquillamon Silphymon's static force is the ultimate weapon against darkness and hate - Stingmon

(Skullgreymon) The only thing more terrifying than his looks is his fighting skills. His specialty is dark shot attack. - Tk

I am Skullsatamon a ghost digimon i seek power and my special nail bone attack always crushes who gets in my way - Skullsatamon

Starmon is a law and order digimon who keeps the peace. But, if you break the law, his powerful Meteor Shower will rain down swift justice upon you! - Hawkmon

Stingmon this incetoid digimon bugs apontnets with his Spiking Strike Attack. Don't try bug spray on him thought it'll only make him angry.- Ken

Stingmon this incetoid digimon bugs apontnets with his Spiking Strike Attack. Don't try bug spray on him thought it'll only make him angry.- Ken

I am Submarimon I digivolved using the digiegg of Reliability. My oxygen torpedo attack makes my enemies truly seasick. - Submarimon

I'm Tapirmon i'll be your waiter you better leave me a big tip or next time you'll have a fly in your wan ton - Tapirmon

It's Thundermon he's a highly charged digimon who's electrifying. But what's shocking about about this pint size powerhouse is that he packs a 10 million volt wollop. -Exveemon

I am Tortomon. I am a turtle type Digimon, but I hide my head from no one. I use my Strong Carapace attack to be hard on my enemies - Tortomon

I'm Triceramon get my point well you will if i use my tri horn attack on you and don't bother hitting back my shell is the hardest of any digimon alive - Triceramon

(Tyrannomon) He's one of the most powerful Digimom. His blaze blast attack incinerates him enemies. -Digimon Emperor

I've heard of Veemon! Supposedly he's a fun-loving, adventure seeking little digimon that brings you good luck. But I thought he was just a legend! - Agumon

(YukimiBotamon / Snowbotamon) These enny teeny Botamon are cute baby digimon and you have such white fur. Your Bubble Blow Attack is almost as big as your appitites. - Mimi

Yes but i've digivolved into the highest level my mega form Imperialdramon i am strongeeer than any other digimon my mega crusher attack is virturally unstopable - Imperialdramon

Meet my newest slave Shellmon. His aqua blasters attack shoots water so hard it can demolish solid rock - Digimon Emperor

(Snimon) This praying mantis digimon can cut through anything with his Twin Sickles attack! - Tentomon

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