Digimon Analyser / Data Collection Season 6

Agnimon. Type: Demon Man. Special Attack: Burning Salamander, Salamander Break His special attack, Burning Salamander. He can unleash a fire dragon from his fists. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

AlturKabuterimon. Type: Insect. Special Attack: Horn Buster (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Ancient Volcamon Type: Ancient Mineral. Special Attacks: Atomic Bomber, Supernova. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Bakemon. Type: Ghost. Special Attack: Hell's Hand, Death Charm. Bakemon, his special attack is Hell's Hand. There's nothing but question marks about what's underneath the sheet. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Ballistamon. He attacks with Horn Breaker by using his enormous horn to throw up the enemy. Type: Machine, Special Attacks: Horn Breaker, Heavy Speaker ~ Monitamon

BanchouLeomon. Type: Beast Man. Special Attack: Lion King Sword, Flash Banchou Punch. BanchouLeomon. His special attack is Flash Banchou Punch. He's a man among men who continues to uphold his own justice. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

BlueMeramon. Type: Flame. Special Attack: Ice Phantom, Cold Flame (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Cerberumon. Type: Demon Beast. Special Attack: Inferno Gate, HellfireCerberumon. His special attack is Hellfire, which releases an intense flame. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Dracomon. Type: Machine. Special Attack: Hyper Mugen Cannon(Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Chibickmon. Type: Slime. Special Attack: Chinchikurinrin, Petit Sugar Plum (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Cutemon. Techniques include er...uhm...getting people to fall hopelessly in love with that cute face, i guess. Type: Fairy, Special Attacks: ? ~ Monitamon

Daipenmon. Type: Hybrid. Special Attack: Blue Hawaii Death, Strawberry Death. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

DinoRexmon. Type: Dinosaur. Special Attack: Splatter Hunting, Ogre Flame Dinorexmon. His special attack is Splatter Hunting! Those sharp claws make him distinctive from the rest. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Dondokomon. His technique includes raising the spirits of both enemy and ally Digimon alike with Dondoko Ondo. Type: Musical Instrument. Special Attacks: Dondoko Ondo, Midare'uchi Rush, Kiwame Taiko. ~ Monitamon

Dorulumon. He uses the drill on his head for Drill Buster. Type: Beast. Special Attacks: Drill Buster, Dorulu Tornado, Brill Blader. ~ Monitamon

Dracomon. Type: Dragon. Special Attack: Baby Breath, Tail Smash, G Shurunen. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Flardramon. Type: Dragon Man. Special Attack: Knuckle Fire, Fire Rocket Fladramon. His special attack is Fire Rocket. Quick moves and fire blows are his specialty. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Garudamon. Type: Bird Man. Special Attack: Shadow Wing. The guardian deity of the earth and winds. It's special attack, Shadow Wing, rips the enemy apart at superspeed. But because it's so fast, you're in pieces before you even realize what happened! (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Gaossmon. Type: Reptile. Special Attack: Head Strike, Kilo FlameGaossmon. His special attack is a hard headbutt, Head Strike! (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Gomamon. Type: Marine Mammal. Special Attack: Marching Fishes. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Greymon. His technique includes mowing down the enemy with his intense flame, Mega Flame! Type: Dinosaur. Special Attacks: Mega Flame, Blaster Tail, Horn Strike. ~ Monitamon

Guardromon. Type: Machine. Special Attack: Destruction Grenade. He's a guardman who attacks intruders. His special attack is Destruction Grenade, which follows its enemies everywhere. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Ikkakumon. Type: Ocean Beast. Special Attack: Harpoons Vulcan. His special attack is Harpoons Vulcan! He can regrow that horn everytime. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Kabuterimon. Type: Insect. Special Attack: Mega Blaster. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

LadyDevimon. Type: Fallen Angel. Special Attack: Darkness Wave, Poison. Her special attack is Darkness Wave. How is she able to fly with those holes in her wings? (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Lucemon. Type: Angel. Special Attack: Grand Cross. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

MadLeomon Type: Undead. Special Attacks: Fist of the Fallen Beast King, Necrotoxic Claw. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Mailbirdramon. His techniques include firing ultra-high energy at his foes with Plasma Cannon. Type: Machine. Special Attacks: Plasma Cannon, Nighthawk, Trident Tail ~ Monitamon

Monitamon that's me. Techniques include Enemy Search, whcih i use to see through the enemy's attack and weaknesses by looking at their data. Type: CRT. Special Attacks: Enemy Search, Fire Shot, Water Dragon, Pinwheel, Lightning Flash ~ Monitamon

Nefertimon. Type: Holy Beast. Special Attack: Curse of Queen, Rosetta Stone. Nefertimon. Her special attack is releasing a high temperature beam from the jewelry around her forehead, Curse of Queen! (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Numemon. Type: Mollusk. Special Attack: Poop Throw, Continious Poop Throw.Numemon. He loves wet, slimy, and slippery places. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Palmon. Type: Plant. Special Attack: Poison Ivy. Palmon. She uses her special attack, Poison Ivy, to paralyze her enemies.(A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Pandamon. Type: Puppet. Special Attack: Animal Nail.This Digimon looks like a stuffed plushie! His special attack is the nails he hides inside his paws, Animal Nail (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Parrotmon. Type: Giant Bird. Special Attack: Mjolnir Thunder. A mysterious Digimon that looks like a parrot. Its special attack is Mjolnir Thunder, lightning that he lashes onto his enemies from overhead. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

pharaohmon. Type: Demon Man, Special Attack: Necro Mist. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

PicoDevimon. Type: Little Demon. Special Attack: Picodarts. Picodevimon. His special attack involves throwing large syringes, Pico Darts! (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Revolmon. His techniques include firing his bullets of justice, Justice Bullet. Type: Mutant, Special Attack: Justice Bullet . ~ Monitamon

Rukamon. Type: Aquatic Mammal. Special Attack: Shaking Pulse. The ultrasonic waves he releases from his mouth can also act as a transmission signal. Ultrasonic waves is a sound that can't be heard by human ears. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Scorpiomon. Type: Insect. Special Attack: Blackout, Poison Pierce. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Shoutmon. His attacks include a technique where he strikes the enemy with the scream of his soul, Soul Crusher. Type: Small Dragon, Special Attacks: Rock Damashii, Soul Crusher, Rowdy Rocker. ~ Monitamon

SkullGreymon. Type: Undead. Special Attack: Ground Zero. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Spinomon. Type: Dinosaur. Special Attack: Sonic Slash Rain, Blue Prominence. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Starmons. His techniques include making Pickmon soar through the air to hit the opponent with Meteor Squall. Type: Major. Special Attacks: Meteor Squall, Wish upon and Star. ~ Monitamon

Stingmon. Type: Insect. Special Attack: Spiking Finish. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Taomon. Type: Demon Man. Special Attack: Demon Man, Buddhist Brush Brandish. She uses a giant brush to write Sanskrit characters mid-air in her her special attack, Buddhist Brush Brandish. The power of curses is incredible. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Togemon. Type: Plant. Special Attack: Chiku Chiku Bang BangTogemon. Her special attack is Chiku Chiku Bang Bang. It's a technique where she bang-band's you up with her prickly thorns. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Troopmon. Type: Undead. Special Attack: Death March, Khorosho AttackTroopmon. His special attack is Death March. He's like a machine that only follows orders. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Tylomon. Type: Sea Dragon. Special Attack: Torpedo AttackTylomon. He can chase the enemy anywhere, charging them with his Torpedo Attack. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Valkyrimon. Type: Warrior. Special Attack: Fenrir Sword, Aurvandil's ArrowValkyrimon. With his special attack, the subzero cursed sword, Fenrir Sword, he can freeze his opponents. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

Whamon. Type: Aquatic. Special Attack: Jet ArrowWhamon. He's one of the largest Digimon known. (A Digimelody with an Analyser)

XV-Mon Type: Mythical Dragon. Special Attack: Strong Crunch, X Laser. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

Yukidarumon. Type: Icy Snow. Special Attack: Absolute Zero Punch. (Digimelody, no actual analyser quote)

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