Digimon Xros Wars 001 Xros Load!! The Boys Cross Paths

The Bagura Army are marching towards an area of the Digital World, in their way is a Pumpmon, Tailmon and Wizarmon. Taiki appears with Shoumon, Ballistamon, Dororumon and Starmon along with a hoard of other Digimon. Moments later he uses his Xros Loader and the quad evolve into ShoutmonX4. The Taiki Army then start to trash all the Bagura Army.

Present Time, Taiki wakes up to Akari jumping on him. Seems he was having a dream about Digimon. It's the 21st June 20XX in the Koutou Ward of Tokyo. We are introduced to Taiki and Akari. (Hinomoto Akari is 12 years old goes to Shinonome Central Primary School and is in Year 6) (Kudou Taiki is 13 years old, goes to Shinonome East Middle School and is in Year 1) They are both running to get to Taiki's football *soccer* event, which he plays like a pro and then onto a Basketball game. Afterwards Akari and Taiki are resting in a grass area when a boy turns up demanding a Kendo Rematch. He is Zenjirou (Tsurugi Zenjirou is 12 years old, goes to Shinonome East Middle School and is in Year 1) and he wants a rematch as he lost to Taiki the last time they met. Akari yells at Zenjirou as Taiki has had a busy day.

Taiki then hears a voice calling to him. The voice tells him that he wants to be the future king and it appears as if he's going to die. At first the voice tells him to not to go to him as it'll destroy his reputation. Taiki sees a red lizard type figure as a car nearly flattens him as it falls from the sky, the lizard claiming by voice it saved him. In the sky everything is merging together from the ground and the electronic devices going nuts. The trio run and find a light/melody that Taiki picks up. It speaks to Taiki and this time Akari and Zenjirou hear it. Taiki wants to save the creature's life and as an Xros Loader falls to him he takes it. The duo warn Taiki but he's insistant and as the light goes into the Loader, the trio are sent to the Digital World as a voice wishes them luck.

They fall in the middle of the Bagura Army. Three Digimon wonder who the three children are and think they belong to the Blue Flare Army belonging to Aonuma Kiriha. The voice from the Xros Loader tells Taiki to let him out as the Bagura Army attacks. All he has to do is reload him so Taiki shouts that out and out pops Shoutmon aka the Red Lizard, who starts laying waste to some of the army with his Rowdy Rocker attack. Some nearby Digimon seem to know Shoutmon and are suprised he's still alive.

Akari and Zenjirou are being attacked by missiles when another Digimon turns up called Ballistamon. He saves them both together with Shoumon they trash more of the army in a single combined attack (Heavy Speaker from Ballistamon and Rowdy Rocker from Shoutmon). Behind Taiki a Digimon is seen and calls himself MachLeomon. MachLeomon also knows Shoutmon and it is confirmed that he was the one to hurt Shoutmon earlier. MachLeomon is the Green Zone area army commander of the Bagura Army. He attacks Ballistamon with Sonic Thrust (Zenjirou being worried about him). MachLeomon asks who they think they are *coughs* and attacks Shoutmon. MachLeomon tells them to go back to the sea of data (i assume this is where Digimon go when they 'die')

Taiki remembers his dream and how Digimon were able to evolve. Both Shoutmon and Ballistamon listen to his command as he tells them to DigiXros. Which they are able to do thanks to the power of the Xros Loader, much to MachLeomon's partial distress as he states that Baguramon (the king of the world at this present time) is afraid of this and this alone. The fusion evolution power. Zenjirou is impressed as the fusion is seen and Akari thinks it's ugly - ShoutmonX2. Taiki realises it's different from his dream and that something is missing. MachLeomon calls it lousy and attacks. ShoutmonX2 tells them to quit with the ugly talk and starts to take on MachLeomon. They shock his ass and then attack with "Buddy Blaster". MachLeomon calls out Baguramon's name as he bites the dust (SUPRISE SUPRISE!).

As this happens some Monitormon run to a girl and ask if she knew about it. She had seen and is called Nene, however all she was looking at was the Red Xros Loader. From above her someone else has been watching her and Taiki. He's Kiriha *with Greymon* and is suprised that others have Xros Loaders besides him. Shoutmon states Taiki is like the legendary hero general and he's going to aim to be king with Taiki. Akari wants to go home to Japan and of course the Digimon don't know the 'zone'. Shoutmon and Ballistamon confirm this is the Digital World.

-End of Chapter 1-
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