Digimon Xros Wars Episode 62 (Young Hunters #8)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Amazing Digimon Hunt! The Expert Hunter of the Shopping District

n a local store, an electrical disturbance causes the owner to resort to ancient measures: an abacus. Not far away, a boy notices this, pulls out a purple X-Loader, and Time Shifts into DigiQuartz.

On the other side, Tagiru is chasing a small coin-shaped digimon, KoZenimon. Tagiru trips, allowing Taiki and Yuu to catch up. Tagiru continues to chase the KoZenimon to a dead end. As Tagiru is about to capture the Digimon, the boy, Hideaki Mashimo, appears and his Dobermon rushes forward to retrieve the KoZenimon. Taiki and Yuu catch up, and Hideaki introduces himself to the group.

Back in the Real World, Hideaki "repairs" the cash register, and the owner insists Hideaki take a reward in return. Hideaki reveals that he's been hunting the Zenimon to help around town as a business to save up to open a takoyaki store and later on a chain. Tagiru jumps on board with Hideaki's business. As the two hunt the Zenimon, they run into Ganemon, an apparently over-sized Zenimon. Ganemon claims that the Zenimon are his underlings who fell out of his briefcase, and the two agree to help because Ganemon would be able to locate the Zenimon more quickly. All the while, Ganemon snacks on money retrieved by the Zenimon.

As Tagiru and Hideaki become tired, they notice that Ganemon appears to have grown. The two take a small break in the Real World. Seeing a takoyaki vendor, Hideaki explains that his motive for owning such a store is to make people happy. Elsewhere, electrical disturbences across the shopping district are being caused by swarms of Zenimon.

Tagiru and Hideaki return to DigiQuartz to witness Ganemon release a Zenimon. Ganemon had been feeding on the money of the shopping district to feed off of the greed of humans. The Zenimon begin to retrieve money by the mouthful, and Ganemon grows large and becomes golden. Neither Dobermon nor Arresterdramon is able to take down Ganemon or get past his swarms of Zenimon. Shoutmon and Damemon appear and knock down Ganemon, but still no one can get past the Zenimon swarm due to their speed. Hideaki and Taiki DigiXros their Digimon into a centauroid with Dobermon's speed and Arresterdramon's power to finally take down the oversized game token.

After returning to normal size, Ganemon is captured by Hideaki and forced to return the stolen money to the shopping district. Hideaki returns the money he gained from his hunting business because he realizes that it was caused by Ganemon's fraud.

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