Digimon Xros Wars Episode 14
Dub Name: Showdown in the Sand Zone
Japanese Name: Warrior Beelzebumon, Dance!


Picking up from last episode, Ba'almon has collapsed due to Lilithmon's poisonous claws that pierced his body. Taiki is desperate to help, but he is blocked by a row of Scorpiomon. "Release it," echoes Pharaohmon's voice, "Use this Zone's Code Crown to release the power of this land." Taiki does as he is told releasing a huge pyramid that advances into the sky. Zenjirou is freaking out as he is petrified of heights.

The Pyramid of Resurrection, as it is called, is a place where legendary warriors would come to receive the Goddess's blessing and have their battle wounds healed. However, when the Bugra army invaded and the warriors died, the Goddess also disappeared. Until now, that function was suspended, but the power of the Code Crown has brought her back. "With this, you may be able to save Ba'almon," Pharaohmon tells Taiki. "Download the Goddess's power with your X Loader and put its data into Ba'almon." Taiki begins to download.

Since one cannot use the X Loader when it is downloading, all of Taiki's digimon appeared. Suddenly, the Pyramid is rocked by the Bugra Army Scorpiomon trying to break through the barrier. Luckily, they were unable to do so. Lilithmon considered the last commander incompetent and destroyed him. She then summoned Mugendramon, a large digimon that ate his way through the barrier.

With Taiki busy downloading, Zenjirou comes forward to take command. He and the digimon charge toward the attacking Bugra Army, but they are severely outnumbered. Shoutmon is angry that they are risking everything for Ba'almon so he goes to confront Taiki. On top of the pyramid, Ba'almon has regained consciousness. He doesn't believe he deserves the Goddess's help and feels he is a failure. Shoutmon overhears him and changes his hostile attitude towards Ba'almon.

Meanwhile, Mugendramon has released his power sending everyone flying! Shoutmon comes charging forward, but his "Rowdy Rocker" attack does little to harm Mugendramon. When the Bugra digimon gains more power by eating the Scorpiomon, Taiki becomes worried. Even though the downloading has not completed, Ba'almon insists he stop and save his friends. "You must fight, boy... with the others...," he tells him, "Go! You can't lose your friends too!" As Ba'almon watches Taiki race off to help his friends, he realizes why he never received the light of the Goddess. Power was all he had, but it was meant to be used for your friends. The bond with them is what makes the light of the warrior.

"Digi Xros! Shoutmon X4K," shouts Taiki ready to battle!"

The true battle begins, but "Burning Star Crusher" doesn't effect the evolved HiMugendramon as it retaliates with high-spec power! Shoutmon X4K is caught by his opponent then Lilithmon orders HiMugendramon to destroy Shoutmon X4K with his Mugen Cannons.  It looks like the end until Ba'almon blocks the attack. A severely injured Ba'almon falls into Shoutmon X4K's arms. "Have I become a warrior of the goddess?" he struggles to ask. "You are worthy of praise, fellow warrior," a vision of Angemon responds.

Just when HiMugendramon powers up to fire again, his cannons are stopped by Ba'almon's gun... Ba'almon begins to glow with the light of the warrior. He is reborn into the true warrior, Beelzebumon! He takes aim. "Death The Cannon!" immobilizes the attacking digimon, and Shoutmon X4K finishes the job. HiMugendramon is destroyed! However, Beelzebumon has disappeared.

After everything clears, Taiki wonders where Beelzebumon went, but knows in his heart that he'll see him again. Just as Taiki loads all of the Digimon for a well deserved rest, a furious Lilithmon (who is practically buried in sand after that last attack) sends them all into what she calls the worst zone you'll ever find!

End of Episode!

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