Digimon Savers Episode 1
Dub Name: There Are Monsters Among Us
Japanese Name: I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Attacks!

Agumon is running down a tunnel towards a light. Warning klaxons go off at DATS headquarters. The leader of DATS sends out Yoshino to capture Agumon, who they call Raptor-1. On the streets police cars pass by. From them comes a warning that there is a bomb in the area. As the cars pass a fisherman he shakes his head, as if he knows that there is something else wrong. At the scene where Agumon is at Yoshino arrives to find people injured. She rushes to find Agumon facing off with Masaru. Masaru and Agumon are insulting each other, mad that they are on each others turf. Satsuma, the leader of DATS, tells Yoshino to get Masaru away from Agumon because the digimon is likely to hurt him. Both Masaru and Agumon tell Yoshino that this is a man to man fight. They charge each other and punch each other, surprising Yoshino and everyone at DATS. Agumon charges again and Masaru knees him in the chin. Agumon then kicks Masaru in the crotch. They continue their fight as Yoshino stares on in disbelief. Finally they exhaust each other and shake hands as friends. Agumon calls Masaru ďanikiĒ, meaning he is Masaruís follower. Yoshino releases her digimon, Raramon. She has come to capture Agumon. Masaru picks up Agumon and wants to take him to freedom. Raramon uses her Nuts Shoot attack. Agumon then attacks them with Baby Flame. The two attacks hit each other and cause a smoke cloud. Once the cloud clears Agumon and Masaru are gone.

That night Agumon and Masaru are in a sky scraper overlooking the city. Masaru asks where Agumon came from and he says he doesnít know. All he knows is that he was in the institute and doesnít want to go back. Agumon is getting hungry and tries to take a bite out of Masaru but he gets clobbered in the process. Masaru tells Agumon to wait there while he gets him food. At the convenience store Masaru is buying food when Yoshino arrives and makes him pay for hers as well. They take their food to a fountain and sit. Yoshino asks where Agumon is but Masaru wonít tell. Yoshino then says sheíll just take Masaru back to DATS as a witness. Masaru wants to know how she knows his name. Yoshino tells him that she remembers him from school. She knows that his father disappeared ten years ago and he now lives with his mother and sister. Yoshino then tells him about DATS, how they control digimon from the digital world. She says that digimon only eat special food, food that only DATS has. Masaru asks to be taken there.

At DATS Masaru meets with their leader, Captain Satsuma and his digimon Kudamon. Yoshino explains that everyone at DATS has a digimon partner. Satsuma tells Masaru about the crisis. The wall between the digital world and the real world is collapsing and more and more digimon are coming into the real world and they donít know why. Masaru still has no intentions of handing Agumon over to them. The klaxons go off again as a digimon is attacking a hamburger shop. They think its Agumon because he is hungry. Masaru says Agumon is his responsibility and heíll take care of it. Yoshino runs after him. Masaru reaches the sky scraper where he left Agumon but he isnít there. There is an explosion outside so he runs to it. On the way he meets Agumon. 
The rampaging digimon turns out to be Cockatrimon. Masaru is mad at him because his rampaging was blamed on Agumon. They both rush into battle. Agumon uses his Baby Flame attack while Masaru climbs Cockatrimon. Cockatrimon steps on Agumon but Agumon manages to flip him.

Masaru then punches Cockatrimon. Cockatrimon powers up and lets out a blast from his beak, hitting Agumon. Masaru runs to Agumon as it starts to rain. Masaru is upset that his follower was injured so he jumps and punches Cockatrimon. His fist glows and the fisherman arrives. He gives Masaru a digivice and tells him with the digisoul in his hand Agumon can evolve. Masaru uses the Digisoul and digivice and Agumon evolves into Geo Greymon. Geo Greymon uses Mega Flame to revert Cockatrimon back to a digitama. Geo Greymon then reverts back to a hungry Agumon. DATS is impressed with Masaru. Satsuma wants to make him part of the team. Yoshino picks up the digitama while Masaru wonders who the fisherman was. Yoshino asks about all the humans that were injured in the beginning and Masaru says he was the one who beat them up because they were on his turf. Yoshino looks on in disbelief says she is going to arrest him but they run before she can.

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