Digimon Analyser Season 5

Qilinmon. A Perfect level Digimon who is as powerful as an Ultimate. His special attack is Shippuu Tenshouken. With his mighty horn, he cuts through his enemies!

Ravemon An Ultimate Level Digimon whose black wing conceals him, while his white wing slices the enemy. His special attack is Blast Wing. The wing on his left arm cleaves through the enemy!

Ravemon Burst Mode.The appearance Ravemon takes on after using Burst Evolution to temporarily activate the limits of his power. His special attack is Dotou Yami Kumo no Mai [Dark Dance of the Raging Waves Following Mourning].

Rise Greymon a perfect level Digimon who commands the skies. His special attacks are Trident Revolver and a beam barrage - Rising Destroyer.

RhodoKnightmon. An Ultimate Level Digimon who is also a Royal Knight. His special attack is Argent Fear. The Pile Bunker on his right arm sends forth shockwaves.

RookChessmon. A Perfect Level Digimon that boasts of its iron-wall defense. Its special attack is Rook Gatling!

Rosemon (no data)

Rosemon Burst Mode. The appearance Rosemon takes on after using Burst Evolution to temporarily activate the limits of her power. Her special attacks are Charite and Aguichant Lèvres.

Royal Knights. They are the Digimon, known as guardian deities, who hold the highest rank of network security in the Digital World. Each of them fight for their own personal justice.

Shawujingmon. A Perfect Level Digimon who evolves from Kamemon. His special attack, Kouyoujyou Taki no Jin [Descending Magic Staff, Waterfall Formation] , comes from the staff he holds, which smashes through solid earth and releases a raging stream of water.

Shine Greymon (no data)

Sleipmon. An Ultimate Level Digimon whose body is entirely covered with Red Digizoid armor. His special attack is Odin’s Breath, which generates an icy cold blizzard.

Soulmon it's an adult level Ghost Type Digimon

Togemon. A big cactus with boxing gloves, this Digimon is at the Adult Level. Its special attack is Prickly Prickly Bang Bang, which can spray a lot of thorns at once.

Tokomon (no data)

Tortomon (No Data)

Tsumemon. A Child Level Digimon that destroys data at a shocking speed. It moves very quickly, and is hard to catch!

Yanmamon an adult level Digimon who's body is covered in a hard shell. He flies freely in the sky with the wings on his back.

Yatagaramon. A Perfect Level Digimon with three legs. His special attack is Mikafutsu no Kami. The energy that is produced in the cobalt pestles on both wings is fired from his forefeet!

Yukidarumon. An Adult Level Digimon made up of snow and ice. Although appearing cold on the outside, she actually has a warm, gentle personality, and dislikes fighting.

Yukimibotamon (SnowBotamon) (no data)

Zudomon. A Perfect Level Digimon who has a Thor hammer made out of Chrome Digizoid. Wielding it with his sinewy muscles, it brings forth his special attack, Hammer Spark.

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