Digimon Analyser Season 5

Pyocomon (Yokomon), Tokomon, Pukamon, Punimon, Otamamon, Babumon, Nyaromon, Poromon, Yukimibotamon (SnowBotamon), All of them are Baby Digimon. They have the ability to evolve into many different kinds of Digimon.

Aquilamon (Aquillamon) an adult level Digimon that can fly at Mach Speed. It's special attack is Blast Laser. It shoots ring shaped beams from it's mouth

Babumon (no data)

BantyoLeomon An Ultimate Level Digimon who faithfully lives according to the justice he believes in. His special attack is Flash Banchou Punch. His sharpened fighting spirit will knock you flat!

Belphemon Rage Mode. The true form of the Ultimate Level Belphemon after hes awakened from his long sleep. His special attack is Lampranthus. The chains wrapped around his body release black fire!

Belphemon Sleep Mode. An Ultimate Level Digimon who is one of the Seven Demon Lords. His cute sleeping face actually hides the enormous amount of his unimaginable power.

BioThunderBirmon. BioCoatlmon. BioStegomon. Bio Digimon that have been modified by Kurata. Fused with humans, their modified versions are leveled up in speed and power.

BioDarkdramon. A Bio Hybrid type formed from the fusion of a human and a Digimon. His special attack is Dark Roar. With brutal energy, it pulverizes the enemy!

BioLotusmon. A Bio Hybrid type formed from the fusion of a human and a Digimon. Her special attack is Seventh Fantasia. A rainbow-colored aura is fired from her staff.

BioSpinomon. A Bio Hybrid type formed from the fusion of a human and a Digimon. His special attack is Blue Prominence. He can burn everything with one blast of his fireball.

BishopChessmon. A Perfect Level Digimon that has perfect command of its offensive techniques. Its special attack is Bishop Laser!

Boarmon. An Armor Type Digimon that is unstoppable once it starts running. Its special attack is Nose Blaster, where it uses its tusks to blow out hot gas.

Blossomon. A Perfect Level Digimon. Its special attack is Spiral Flower, where it uses the flowers like shuriken to extend and cut anything, no matter how hard it is.

BomberNanimon he's an Adult level Digimon whose entire body is a bomb. His special attack is freethrow bomb. It can explode anything surrounding him.

Cerberumon. A Perfect Level Digimon who is said to guard the gates of Hell. His special attack is Hell Fire. It can burn everything to ashes in an instant!

Craniummon. An Ultimate Level Digimon. He is one of the Royal Knights who protect the Digital World.

Crysalimon an Adult level Digimon with a solid body. It's finishing attack is Data Crusher with the tentacles on his back. He can destroy others data.

Digmon (No Data)

Dokugumon an Adult Digimon with a computer virus runing through it's body. It awaits for it's prey to fall asleep before it kills them with its deadly poisonous fangs.

Duftmon. An Ultimate Level Digimon who believes that power means justice. He is the leading strategist among the Royal Knights. His special attack is Ernst Wehr.

ElDoradimon. An Ultimate Level Digimon with an entire city riding on its shell. Any information beyond that is shrouded in mystery.

Elecmon (No Data)

Evilmon (Vilemon) an adult level Digimon that loves to torture others. It's special attack is Nightmare Shock. Those who are hit with it will have a nightmare they'll never wake up from

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