Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 35
Dub Name: Cody Takes a Stand
Japanese Name: Rampage Advance! Blackwargreymon

Mummymon and Arukenimon are in the snow chasing after Mojyamon. Arukenimon attacks, thinking that the Mojyamon are hiding one of the Destiny Stones. Silphymon and Paildramon arrive and fight off the evil digimon. Blackwargreymon arrives. He can instinctively find the location of the Destiny Stones, despite the digidestined hiding them. Paildramon attacks him but Blackwargreymon still manages to destroy the next stone. Blackwargreymon flies off to find another stone as the digidestined return to the real world. TK is getting tired of everyone talking about their loses. He tries to lift their spirits. Ken is going to leave for home but Davis invites him to dinner. They decide to make it a sleep over at Davis' house. TK and Cody say that they can't make it. Ken is at dinner with Davis' family, it is the first time he's been over a friend's house like this.

Cody goes to talk to Matt about TK. Matt explains to him about how Angemon sacrificed himself in the battle with Devimon and TK is scared to lose Patamon again. Even after all these years TK still hasn't gotten over losing him. Cody understands TK now. He thinks that Blackwargreymon is confused and not really bad. Matt calls TK and tells him about the conversation he's had with Cody. The rest of the digidestined are at Davis' apartment, brainstorming on how to stop Blackwargreymon. There are only two Destiny Stones left. As Blackwargreymon is searching for the next stone he is destroying any control spires that get in his way. Mummymon and Arukenimon are getting mad at him because they still need the control spires. The next morning Ken is woken up by Davis' snoring so the 2 digimon wake Davis up.

Ikkakumon, Megaseadramon and Dolphmon are protecting an underwater Destiny Stone. The digidestined arrive and Cody and Submarimon enter the water to help them. The other digidestined are to remain on land and make sure Blackwargreymon doesn't enter the ocean. Blackwargreymon arrives. Paildramon, Silphymon and Angemon try to hold him off by attacking at once. Blackwargreymon uses Terra Destroyer and enters the ocean. The underwater digimon then attack him and manage to force him back onto land. The other digimon once again all attack him and they seem to manage to do some damage. Blackwargreymon gets back up and uses his Terra Destroyer attack again. He creates a path in the ocean to the Destiny Stone so he won't be bothered with the underwater digimon. He starts to walk towards the stone but Cody stands in front of it blocking him. Cody tells him that he knows he has a heart and that he shouldn't be destroying the Destiny Stones. Cody says to destroy the Destiny Stone he must destroy him first. Blackwargreymon hesitates and remembers the flower. Blackwargreymon then charges at Cody. Angemon saves Cody at the last minute and Blackwargreymon uses his Black Tornado attack to destroy the stone. The digidestined return to the real world with only one Destiny Stone left.
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