Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 32
Dub Name: If I Only Had a Heart
Japanese Name: The Mysterious Ruins Holy Stone

Blackwargreymon is among a pile of digimon that he defeated. A herd of Mammothmon are coming his way. They charge at him but he deletes most of them. Blackwargreymon says that he feels empty inside. He has a void that he just can't fill. Arukenimon tells him that he has no feelings. Blackwargreymon says that he is more than just a control spire digimon. Arukenimon and Mummymon leave him to his torment. Blackwargreymon thinks that his enemies cannot feel anything so destroys more Mammothmon. Mummymon talks to Arukenimon about the Destiny Stones. Arukenimon thinks that they are just rumors. They drive passed Tentomon who hears them. Davis is at home playing video games when June interrupts him. She unplugs the system because she has a pimple and doesn't think Matt will date her now. Kari emails Davis that they have to go to the digital world. Blackwargreymon is protecting a flower from the last of the mammothmon. He talks to the flower and deletes the final Mammothmon. Finally the pain is too much for him and he steps on the flower. Mummymon and Arukenimon find one of the Destiny Stones. She uses her spirit needle attack to create Knightmon to destroy the stone.

Blackwargreymon meets Agumon. Agumon talks to him about being friends. Blackwargreymon doesn't think Agumon understands him. Agumon convinces him to talk hoping to be able to answer his questions. The digidestined find Knightmon. They know that if the stone is destroyed something bad will happen. Blackwargreymon and Agumon continue to talk about what it means to feel love and have a heart. Blackwargreymon doesn't know if he has a heart. Knightmon is fighting Ex-Veemon. Pegasusmon and the others arrive but are attacked by Arukenimon and Mummymon. Agumon wants Blackwargreymon to be his friend because you can't have friends without a heart. Blackwargreymon wants to know the reason why he was created.

Mummymon and Arukenimon have the digimon captured. Stingmon arrives and frees them. Ex-Veemon and Stingmon DNA digivolve. Aquilamon and Gatomon then DNA digivolve. They both attack Knightmon. Blackwargreymon wants to fight and throw his heart away but agrees to be Agumon's friend. They shake hands. Knightmon hits the Destiny Stone with his sword and Blackwargreymon feels it. He flies to the stone, causing Arukenimon and Mummymon to flee. Blackwargreymon destroys Knightmon and then the Destiny Stone. The stone explodes, opening up a large dark vortex. The digidestined run before they are sucked into it.
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