Tsurugi Tatsuno
5th Year Elementry
Partner: Koromon > Agumon > Greymon/GeoGreymon > RiseGreymon > VictoryGreymon
Digivice: Digimon Mini > Orange Digivice IC > Digimon Twin
Tsurugi is out new goggleboy in the manga. He is a soccer ace for his club (striker). He goes to the Digimon Battle Terminal when forced by some of his friends and ends up being pleased that he did when he meets his Greymon. He wins the matches he enters but has someone watching his 'special' Greymon already and is attacked in the real world by a Kuwagamon who is quickly taken down by his Greymon who comes from his Digimon Mini. His rival is Shou an old friend. His Greymon is wiped out by Peckmon's attack but Agumon is left behind in his place when Piccolomon transports them away to the sub-station. Tsurugi is now in the Digital World. He is guides part way by Piccolomon who informs of his Digimemories. However when Piccolomon is attacked Tsurugi comes to the rescue and with his Digisoul makes Agumon's attack become uber powerful. He has decided to go and take upon himself the task of finding the memories and stopping Barbamon. Piccolomon gives him a Digimon IC before Tsurugi and Agumon leave.

As they go on Tsurugi gets more confident but more protective of his group. When Zanbamon attacks Tsurugi stays behind to fight him giving the others time to escape. When he loses he starts to doubt himself but meeting Andromon the 2nd overseer gives him the resolve to continue to fight. They meet Shou and he is shocked upon the revelation of Shou being the Hacker Tamer. However he and Rise Greymon fight against Shou and Yatagaramon in order to free Shou, which he does. He decides to go after Ami to get her back. However RiseGreymon and Zanbamon go at it in which Zanbamon destroys Tsurugi's IC.

Norun meets Tsurugi and hands him the Digimon Twin which allows RiseGreymon to evolve to VictoryGreymon in order to defeat Barbamon and stop NEO being born. At first VictoryGreymon will not listen to him but through the power of their bond he defeats Barbamon, but NEO is born. NEO takes VictoryGreymon's Dragon Digimemory to become full. VictoryGreymon doesn't stay down due to the power of Tsurugi's bond and the Digisoul.

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