Last Battle - Digital World!
The group are all in the world of the past which is breaking down. NEO will be the beginning the past shall end. Tsurugi is really annoyed. Norun tells them that because of NEO's Zero Genesis space and time have been separated. Yuu wants to know if they can get back to their original time and space. Ami tells them that they still have hope. Her mini is still responding to MarineAngemon, he is telling them where they should be. Ami tells them they must follow and fight. She states that she finally understands that she can't just stay afraid of losing. Shou says the Digital World has taught them a lot of things. Yuu says he is stronger and the world isn't just for Digimon and that it is an important place for humans as well. Tsurugi notices have everyone has matured. Ami tells him he is the one that has done the most growing up, Shou tells him he was a soccer freak and Yuu tells him that he is now a great leader. Tsurugi says ok and that this is the last battle. They will get it back from NEO their Digital World. Norun says that Ami and MarineAngemon's bond is their only connection. She says that she will turn the arbitrators and the Tamers with their Digisoul to data and sent them to NEO. She opens a Digital Gate by using Digimon Mini. She tells them to put their greatest power into the Digimon Twins. Ami says when she gets back home she needs to feed her younger brother. Yuu says he will go for his operation. Shou says he will no longer have locks on his door. Tsurugi states that everyone has a lot to do in the future and they will go over their limit not letting the past control them. All of them connect and Twin Charge. Tsurugi, Yuu and the Arbitrators disappear.

NEO senses a disturbance and wonders who is trying to interfere. He believes it impossible for anyone to surpass time-space and connect with the future. Tsurugi and the others appear shocking NEO. Tsurugi tells him that feelings surpass time. NEO uses Judgement in which VictoryGreymon counters with Victory Charge. ZDGarurumon uses Blow Back Breath Zero Distance Shot behind NEO hurting him. Tsurugi goes to get VictoryGreymon to finish with Dramon Breaker. However NEO tells them that this is the new universe that he has created and that everything will be destroyed only he shall remain he is the universe and that Resitance is Meaningless (lol!). Tsurugi falters thinking there is no way they can win as their powers are too different. A voice inside of him tells him not to hesitate, the voice is VictoryGreymon. No matter how strong NEO maybe they have the power that will never lose. Tsurugi knows he is right and they go together. Tsurugi is shining away like crazy.

NEO calls them fools and wonders how much power that petty existences could have he tells them to begone. VictoryGreymon uses his Victory Shield to protect Tsurugi. He tells him that he will be Tsurugi's shield and that Tsurugi will be his sword. Tsurugi on VictoryGreymon's back charge against NEO saying this is humans and Digimon's Power of Bonds! They go crashing through the middle off NEO. NEO realises the power is Fights, healing, anger, encouragement, forgiveness, trust and strength. Tsurugi tells him that the world exists because people live together on it and it has happiness. NEO now understands they are bonds and even though he held the 8 Digimemories there was a power beyond his knowledge the future is hope not despair. With a flash they all return to Norun and the others. They are back in the system world. With a small smile NEO reverts back to the 8 Digimemories. He tells the others they showed NEO the power of their bonds. Pichimon is laying on the floor tired but alive and is rejoined to Ami. The Digital World is coming back to life via the power of the Digimemories which are activated with the bonds.

Norun tells them she is thankful for what they have done. HolyAngemon, Commandramon and the others are with Norun. Tsurugi turns to talk to VictoryGreymon but he and ZDGarurumon have turned to stone. Piccolomon states the Arbitrators have don their roles and he is sure they will be reborn as their bonds have not disappeared. Yuu points to the sky saying the gap is getting smaller. Piccolomon tells them to hurry otherwise they won't be able to get back home. Shou goes to Norun and tells her that she has become the new godess of the Digital World. She says she will make it a great world. Piccolomon transfers them back as Norun thanks for them keeping their promise. They are transfered back home to the arcade where the people who watched on the Battle Terminal the fight. Tooru tells them the whole world saw it. With that Tsurugi and the others adventure came to and end. But a noise comes from his pocket he goes into his pocket and pulls out a Digimon Mini with a Digitama on screen. Tsurugi is happy their bonds will continue forever he will raise a strong digimon again. "For the Future and the future beyond..."

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