Chapter V-45: To Demon's Castle

Title: To Demon's Castle
Callismon: Impossible... Aero V-dramon's defense isn't that high...!

Taichi: Just like Jijimon said!
Taichi: Zero's powered up!
Zero: Hehe...!
Callismon: I...impossible...!
Callismon: Did the homing missles go off course and not hit him straight on...?
Callismon: This time you're done for!
Callismon: Rodeo Bullet!

Taichi: We won't fall for the same thing twice!
Taichi: Zero!
Zero: Okay!
Callismon: Hmph, running into the forest is useless!
Callismon: You can try and run, but...
Callismon: The Rodeo Bullets will follow!
Zero: Catch me if you can!

Taichi: Wah!

Callismon: Hahaha!
Callismon: I'll just destroy the whole forest!
Zero: You missed!
Callismon: Wh...what!?
Gabo: Wow! Amazing, Zero!
Callismon: Impossible... Did he really fly fast enough to evade the Rodeo Bullets!?

Callismon: Th...that's impossible...
Zero: You said he input all our data, right?
Zero: But that data's old!
Callismon: I said that's impossible!
Callismon: Deep Forest!

Callismon: withstood it!?
Zero: Hehe...!
Callismon: Whoa! Don't think you can win by strength alone! I'll crush you!
Zero: Whoa!

Taichi: Ugh...!

Taichi: The energy level's amazing...
Taichi: Huh!?
Taichi: Oh no, Rei!
Taichi: Gabo!
Gabo: Leave Rei to me!
Gabo: You concentrate on the battle!
Taichi: Thanks, Gabo!

Callismon: This...this is impossible...
Callismon: Defense...speed...power... Aero V-dramon shouldn't be this strong...
Zero: Haha!
Zero: Is this the best Callismon can do!?
Callismon: Gah!
Callismon: You bastard!
Zero: Whoa!
Zero: Whooooooa!

-no text-

Callismon: Wah!
Callismon: Ugh...
Callismon: Aaaah!
Taichi: Zero!

-no text-

Callismon: Ugh...
Taichi: He did it!
Callismon: Impossible... This can't be happening...
Callismon: Neo made me...
Callismon: I'm a new Monster for a new age...

Callismon: I won't lose to the likes of you!
Gabo: Zero!
Taichi: A new Monster...?
Taichi: So what!?

Zero: V Wing Blade!

Taichi: Zero has overcome battles...
Taichi: And become new, too!

Taichi: Thank God... It looks like she's just unconscious...
Zero: But why on earth did Rei run away from Demon's Castle?
Taichi: Yeah...
Zero: She's not waking up.
Taichi: Hey, Gabo, can you watch Rei?
Gabo: Huh!?

Taichi: We need to hurry to Demon's Castle, but we can't just leave her behind like this.
Gabo: B...but...
Gabo: I've been with you the whole time.
Gabo: We're friends, right!? Am I getting in the way!?
Taichi: Just the opposite. I can rely on you, Gabo.
Taichi: That's why I asked.
Gabo: Huh!?
Taichi: Rei's a friend, too.
Taichi: So I want you to protect her.
Zero: I see.
Zero: We can safely leave her with Gabo.
Gabo: Taichi...
Gabo: Zero...

Gabo: ...All right, Taichi! Zero! Leave Rei to me!
Gabo: Neo will be surprised to hear you defeated Callismon!
Gabo: But, Taichi! Zero! You've got to come back!
Neo Devimon: Callismon lost to Taichi and Zero.

Neo Devimon: I never thought they'd arrive when he was getting Rei...
Neo: It's not a problem.
Neo: Callismon was just a test product.
Neo: He didn't even have a tenth of Arkadimon's data...
Neo: This is actually a good thing.
Neo: Now I know they got stronger just as I'd anticipated.
Neo Devimon: Huh!?
Neo: Once they've reached the limits of their power, I'll crush them with even more power.
Neo: Hahahahaha...
Neo: Come on, fools!
Neo: Now I'll delete you myself!

-no text-

-no text-

Taichi: Let's finish this off, Neo!

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