Chapter V-4: The Five Tests!!

Demon: I have news from Picodevimon. It seems that a human and his monster are going to try and put a stop to my plans. Hahaha...humans are foolish. They can't even begin to understand my power...
Etemonkey: I understand, Lord Demon. I'll show them how powerless they are!

Chapter V-4: The Five Tests!!
Taichi: Wow, the Digimon World is a lot bigger that I had thought...
Gabo: I know it's Holy Agnomen's orders, but I can't believe I ended up having to go with them...
Zero: Don't say that, Gabo. We're friends, aren't we?
Taichi: You worked as a messenger at the castle, so your perfect as a guide, right?
Gabo: You guys act like you don't have a care in the world... sigh

Taichi: How far until we reach Demon's castle?
Gabo: Are you really thinking of heading straight for his castle?
Taichi: Huh?
Gabo: You won't be able to enter Demon's castle that easily...
Taichi: What? What do you mean?
Gabo: Humans can't enter the castle. You need 5 Tags to get in.
Zero: Tags...?
Taichi: You mean some kind of ID, like dogtags? I think you'd better tell us what all this is about.

Gabo: The castle where Demon lives was once long, long ago the home of the god of the Digimon, the one who built this World. That god governed this world. And he hated interference from humans. So he sealed the whole castle so that humans couldn't enter. God is gone, but the seal remains. And now Demon lives there. But god left one way to gain entrance to the castle. That is the 5 Tags. The "V-Tamer Tags!"
Taichi: V-Tamer Tags?

Gabo: The V-Tamer Tags were left here by god in case some trouble should occur that could not be solved by monsters alone! Earth. Sea. Spirit. Sky. Iron. They were scattered to five areas and made so that monsters could not touch them directly only a tamer of true merit can possess them. Those Tags are the proof of a V-Tamer's skill.
Taichi: I get it. In order to enter Demon's castle. I need to collect the 5 V-Tamer Tags, Earth, Sea, Spirit, Sky and Iron. That sure seems like a lot of trouble...
Zero: Right! Then I'll just go alone to Demon's castle and destroy him!
Gabo: You fool! You don't even know if you two can beat him together what're you going to be able to do on your own?
Zero: Fool!
Gabo: Anyway there are a lot of Perfect Digimon there. You won't stand a chance!
Zero: Hmph!
Gabo: By the way, how many times has Zero evolved?
Taichi: Um... Baby, Child, Adult...

Taichi: Three times?
Gabo: Adult, huh. Perfect monsters are on a totally different level than you.
Zero: Don't make fun of me! What's level got to do with it? I've learned how to fight from Taichi, and I've got my V Breath Arrow! Perfect Digimon don't scare me!
Gabo: Hey, I was just stating a fact.
Taichi: Now calm down Zero. We'll just go collect those Tags and show Demon what we've got
Zero: Oooh...

Etemonkey: But will it really be that easy? Hiya!
Taichi: What?
Gabo: He's heading this way! Aiee!
Zero: Hmph!

Etemonkey: Nice power.
Zero: Ow! Who're you?
Etemonkey: Hey gentlemen! My name's Etemonkey. Nice to meet you!
Taichi: What? Etemon...key...?

Etemonkey: I'm here to kill you, on Lord Demon's orders.
Taichi: What? Are you Demon's henchman?
Gabo: Aaah! There he is! A Perfect Digimon!
Zero: Perfect?
Etemonkey: Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you right away. This is just an introduction. If nothing else, it gets boring with just Lord Demon for company everyday. I think I'll play with you for a while.
Taichi: What?
Etemonkey: You can't hide anything from me. You mean to collect the Tags so that you can get into the castle, right?
Taichi: Ooh!
Etemonkey: Haha. I anticipated just that.

Etemonkey: At each of the five locations there's a Perfect monster waiting!
Taichi: What?
Etemonkey: In other words, if you don't defeat them, you can't get the Tags. How about it? Sounds pretty fun, huh? We monsters can't touch the Tags directly, but there are some pretty evil guys guarding them!
Zero: Q...q quit fooling around!
Etemonkey: Oh! What a warm welcome! Thank you, baby!
Taichi: The V Breath Arrow... He!

Etemonkey: Ukiki...Is that the best attack you've got...? Well, I'll save the rest of the fun for later...

Etemonkey: Puppy baby. So long! See you again!
Taichi: Ah! Darn it... Who does he think he is?

Zero: My V Breath Arrow didn't work. So that's... So that's the power of a Perfect Digimon...
Taichi: Zero...
Zero: Darn him! I'm not going to lose! I'm not going to lose to him!
Taichi: Yeah, let's win, Zero. We'll destroy those 5 Perfect Digimon!

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