Chapter V-26: Offense and Defense in Masks Square

Title: Offense and Defense in Masks Square

Sigma: In this Masks Square, all your commands are mine...
Sigma: There's no way you can win!

Taichi: What should I do? If I send Zero commands, they'll know where he's going to move...
Taichi: But there's no way he can beat an Ultimate without my commands...
Rei: Zero... Taichi...
Sigma: Hehe...
Sigma: Your friends are right to worry about you!
Piemon: There's no time for you to worry now!
Piemon: Trump Sword!

Sigma: Hehehe, your Monster can't do anything but run away now!
Sigma: If he stops running, only hell awaits him!
Taichi: What?
Zero: Your threats don't scare me!

Zero: V-Breath Arr...
Sigma: Fool...
Zero: ...ow...

Taichi: Ze...
Taichi: Zero!

Zero: Ugh...
Zero: Ugh...
Taichi: N, no way...
Taichi: Did you warp...
Taichi: Those swords right into Zero's body?
Sigma: You're lucky...
Sigma: Just a little to the side and it would have been deadly...
Zero: Ugh!
Sigma: Now to continue!
Taichi: Don't stop, Zero!
Taichi: Keep moving!

Zero: Ugh...
Piemon: Hahaha, run until your life is over!
Piemon: My swords will chase you wherever you go!
Sigma: Hahaha, what do you think of Masks Square?
Sigma: Pretty fun, isn't it?
Taichi: What about you?
Taichi: It doesn't sound like you're having fun!
Taichi: Take off your mask!
Taichi: Let me hear you laugh!

Sigma: I can't do that...
Sigma: It's only by wearing a mask and not speaking that I'm able to be myself...
Taichi: What...?
Sigma: Chat set me free.
Taichi: Chat?
Rei: It's a system where you can "talk" over the internet using a computer.
Rei: Because no one knows your real name or face...
Rei: It's easier to say what you think, so a lot of people have gotten hooked on it.
Taichi: I see... Talking while wearing a mask and an alias...
Taichi: That's exactly what you're doing now, Sigma!

Sigma: I was never good at talking to people...
Sigma: I was always quiet and alone...
Boy 1: Hey, you wanna play Digimon?
Boy 2: Hey, why did you invite that stick in the mud?
Sigma: Hey, let's walk home together...

Boy 1: He does my homework for me. He's not a bad guy have around.
Boy 2: Wow, maybe I should pretend to be his friend, too. Hehehe!
Sigma: But I just smiled and continued to hang out with those kids who pretended to be my friend...
Sigma: They were the only ones who would play with me...
Sigma: But the more I smiled, the more I began to lose sight of myself...
Sigma: Then I got into chat...
Sigma: By wearing the mask of an alias, I was set free!
Sigma: I could say everything I couldn't say in real life, everything I was holding back!
Sigma: By putting on a mask I was able to reclaim myself.

Taichi: If you wanted to reclaim yourself, you should have just changed yourself for real!
Taichi: If you have to rely on a mask for the rest of your life, there's something wrong with that!
Sigma: Say what you want. I built this Masks Square with Piemon.
Sigma: In this space, I control everything. I am invincible here!
Sigma: Neo realized this.
Sigma: One day I got an email.
Screen: "Your skills deserve to be utilized more effectively. Let's build a perfect world together." - Neo
Sigma: I was thrilled...
Sigma: That's why I agreed to work together with him.

Sigma: As Alias I - Sigma!
Taichi: I don't know what kind of world Neo is trying to build.
Taichi: But he doesn't care who he hurts if it furthers his own plans.
Taichi: I'll never forgive him for that...
Taichi: If you're going to interfere with us on Neo's behalf...
Taichi: I'll just have to fight you!

Taichi: I'll take off your mask...
Taichi: And make you talk!
Sigma: Hmph. The hypocrisy you call friendship is just a mask, too.
Sigma: I'll tear it from you!
Taichi: You think you can do it?
Sigma: What?
Taichi: We'll see how well you can read my commands, Sigma!
Screen: Move 15 meters forward.

Sigma: I can read them all!
Sigma: Every command you issue in this space is forwarded to me!
Screen: Warp Trump Swords 15 meters forward.
Taichi: Serial command!
Taichi: Go!
Screen: Move 30 meters to the right.
Screen: Move 20 meters above.
Screen: Move 80 meters to the left.
Screen: Move 15 meters below.

Sigma: You think your serial commands are to fast for me to pick up on?
Sigma: I don't think so. You can't compare to my typing speed!
Screen: Warp Trump Swords 30 meters to the right.
Screen: Warp Trump Swords 20 meters above.
Screen: Warp Trump Swords 80 meters to the left.
Screen: Warp Trump Swords 15 meters below.
Gabo: Ugh, Sigma's matching Taichi's commands perfectly...
Gabo: Amazing!

Gabo: Oh... The Trump Swords are gaining on Zero...
Gabo: Th, this is bad...
Piemon: Looks like you're slowing down. This is the end for you!

Piemon: Trump Sword!
Gabo: Oh...!
Taichi: Zero!

Screen: Move 10 meters ahead.
Screen: Warp Trump Swords 10 meters ahead.
Sigma: I've got you now!
Sigma: Now you're finished!
Taichi: You just followed the commands without looking at the situation!
Taichi: Who do you think is ten meters ahead?
Piemon: Huh?

Piemon: Ugh...
Sigma: Piemon!

Sigma: That's impossible... I scanned all the commands
Taichi: I did send the commands. But that last command was a fake!
Sigma: A fake?
Sigma: But you didn't tell him it was a fake...
Taichi: I did.
Zero: He did.
Sigma: C, could it be...?
Sigma: When they made eye contact...? I, impossible...
Zero: It is possible!
Zero: For me and Taichi.

Zero: But if you always wear a mask, you'll never be able to do it!
Piemon: Ugh!
Gabo: Wow!
Gabo: Cracks are appearing in Masks Square...!

Gabo: Masks Square is...
Gabo: Breaking up!
Sigma: No way... My world...
Sigma: I can't be losing...
Zero: This is it!
Sigma: S...
Sigma: Stop!

Sigma: Stop...
Sigma: Don't touch Piemon...
Sigma: I lose...
Gabo: They did it...
Gabo: Everything's back to normal...
Taichi: You finally spoke...

Rei: I guess when you really have something to say, your voice just comes out automatically...
Sigma: Let's go, Piemon...
Piemon: Roger.
Rei: Now that you've found yourself again, why not try talking to someone?
Rei: Not everyone is good, but not everyone is bad, either.
Taichi: Yeah. Take off your mask and let's talk about Digimon!

Sigma: Hmph, why would I talk with you?
Taichi: Jeez...
Gabo: Looks like he was contrary til the end...
Rei: Don't worry. I think you got through to him.
Taichi: Rei...
Taichi: Email...
Screen: "See you again." - Sigma
Taichi: Sigma!
Taichi: Good grief...

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