Chapter V-19: Goggles....

Taichi: So that's Tree, the stage for the final tag...
Gabo: Supposedly it's the holy land the god who created the Digimon World came down from.
Taichi: Neo sure picked an interesting spot.
Zero: But how will we get up there?
Gabo: Don't worry. Those who possess the tags can ride on an elevator of light.
Taichi: Wh, what's this...?

Title: Goggles....

Taichi: Holy Angemon's army!
Gabo: Th, this is terrible...
Taichi: Are you all right?
Taichi: What happened?
Angemon: Ooh...
Zero: Huh?
Zero: Piyomon!

Taichi: What happened here...?
Zero: Tell us, Piyomon!
Piyomon: W, we were suddenly attacked by a human and two Monsters...
Piyomon: None of our troops could withstand him...
Taichi: So this was Neo's doing...!
Zero: That bastard...

Gabo: There's another Monster still alive over here, Taichi!
Taichi: Okay!
Taichi: Sorry, Piyomon, but I need you to go to Hospitown on the other side of the mountain...
Taichi: And get help!
Piyomon: No...
Taichi: Huh?
Piyomon: No!
Piyomon: I don't want to do anything that might bring their wrath down on me!
Taichi: Piyomon...
Zero: Wh, what are you saying? Your friends are hurt!
Taichi: Be brave, Piyomon.
Taichi: Your wings are needed right now!

Piyomon: You don't know how scary they are. Otherwise you wouldn't say that...
Zero: Yes, we do!
Zero: After all...
Zero: We've come here to fight Neo!
Piyomon: Don't make me laugh. You haven't even got wings.
Piyomon: And what are those weird goggles you're wearing?
Piyomon: Do you fancy yourself a pilot?
Gabo: It's no surprise Piyomon is scared, Taichi. If I didn't know you guys, I'd be scared of Neo, too...

Taichi: "Courage will give you wings to fly"...huh.
Piyomon: Huh?
Zero: Taichi, an enemy!
Taichi: Raremon!

Raremon: I had no idea there was anyone left alive...
Raremon: Hehehe! Neo's orders were to kill all Monsters still breathing.
Raremon: I'm afraid you'll have to die now...
Taichi: So he's come to finish us off.
Piyomon: Aiee...
Zero: Hmph!
Zero: I'll take care of this!
Piyomon: Are you serious? If you attack him, that's as good as attacking Neo himself!
Raremon: That's right. Attack me and you attack Neo!
Raremon: Hehehe! Do you want to die?

Zero: We're not afraid of your threats, right, Taichi?
Taichi: Right.
Taichi: Piyomon, these goggles aren't just for show...
Piyomon: Huh?
Taichi: My grandpa gave these to me...
Taichi: And they're a sign of my resolve.
Piyomon: A sign of your...resolve?
Taichi: This was when I was much younger...

Taichi: I saw my friend getting bullied and didn't know what to do.
Taichi: I can't just pretend I didn't see it...
Taichi: But...
Taichi: Then my grandpa gave me these.
Grandpa: You like airplanes, don't you, Taichi...?
Grandpa: You can have these.
Taichi: What are they, Grandpa...?
Grandpa: Those are the goggles of friendship and courage.
Taichi: Huh?
Grandpa: Those goggles belonged to a friend of mine whom I admired...

Grandpa: He was a brave boy who loved his friends.
Grandpa: He helped me out a lot...
Grandpa: He became a talented pilot, but then fell ill and died.
Grandpa: I kept these goggles as a reminder of him.
Grandpa: Whenever I see them, I remember what he always used to say.
Grandpa: Courage will give you wings to fly...
Grandpa: I'll give you these goggles, so you never forget your courage.
Grandpa: There are times when you must be brave in order to protect your friends...
Taichi: Courage...for my friends...
Taichi: Thanks, Grandpa.
Taichi: I won't forget my courage!

Gabo: Wow, I had no idea your goggles weren't just a fashion statement.
Zero: That's why we won't give in!
Taichi: That's right. Let's do it, Zero!

Zero: V-Breath Arrow!
Taichi: Yes!

Gabo: Now what should we do, Taichi?
Gabo: Shall we go back to Hospitown?
Taichi: ...Yeah, I guess so.
Piyomon: No.
Piyomon: You guys need to go to the top of the Tree...
Taichi: Piyomon.
Piyomon: You have to go and defeat Neo!
Gabo: B, but...
Piyomon: Leave Hospitown to me!
Taichi: Huh?
Piyomon: I can't leave my friends to die...

Piyomon: My wings...
Piyomon: Aren't just for show, either.
Taichi: Piyomon!
Taichi: Okay, good luck, Piyomon!
Taichi: I'll take care of their wounds as best I can.
Piyomon: Okay!

-no text-

Neo: So you managed not to run away, eh, Taichi...?

Neo: First, a greeting!
Taichi: Wah!
Taichi: Oh! The gate!
Neo: Hehe! Now your only way of escape is gone.
Neo: If you fall, you'll die.
Neo: How far can you get with a Monster who can't fly, Taichi?

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