C'mon Digimon: The Capering Monster Bun

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Preface to C'mon Digimon
The story that starts on the next page, C'mon Digimon, is something I wrote before Digimon Adventure started.

Flower: It was summer '97.
Nothing was really set in stone yet, so I gave the Monsters my own style...
Caption: It's supposed to be Greymon, but doesn't it kind of look like Zero?
Caption: Sorry to the Digimon designer, Watanabe Kenji.
There's really nothing to link them.
You should enjoy this as a completely separate work.
Speech bubble: I put a character from this in the D-1 tournament scene, though.
In addition, the supporter that Yagami Taichi has was borrowed from this story's hero, Kamon Kentarou.
I wanted something as a focus point when working on Taichi's design.
Speech bubble: It's in a different place, though...

Taichi: Oh, so those are its roots!
Caption: It's not really that big a deal.
Caption: Kentarou.
So what's behind Taichi's goggles?
Speech bubble: Just wait for volume three.

Caption: Josaki Electronic Laboratories
Boy: There!
Boy: Go, Meramon!
Meramon: Fire Fist!
Jousaki: Heh, you won't be able to defeat my Deathmon with that.

Jousaki: Now give me your dock as you promised.
Jousaki: Death!
Jousaki: Okay, we've extracted Meramon's data!
Henchman: Right!
Jousaki: Now to gain control of area C!

Title: C'mon Digimon: The Capering Monster Bun

Makoto: Digital Monsters.
Makoto: These are battle monsters raised inside a computer.
Makoto: They are sold individually inside cases called docks.
Makoto: According to how you raise your Digimon, it can take many different forms.
Makoto: In order to raise strong Monsters as our digital pets...
Boy: Set on!
Makoto: We liked to battle our friends...
Boy: Okay! Battle start.

Boy: Cool! Makoto's Greymon, Hard Armor III, won!
Boy 1: I knew Makoto's Monster was the strongest.
Boy 2: Makoto's Digimon is number one!
Boy: At this rate, he might be able to evolve into the hidden character, Metal Greymon.
Makoto: Yeah, I'm raising him according to the plan.
Makoto: Hehehe.
Makoto: My name is Abe Makoto. I've been raising a Greymon for weeks and he's never lost a battle.
Makoto: I'm not allowed to have a real pet...
Makoto: So I think of this Digital Monster as if it's real.

Makoto: Most of the boys in my class have Digimon.
Makoto: It's really fun having your own pet.
Makoto: Kamon Kentarou. For some reason, he's the only one with no interest in Digimon.
Makoto: I wonder why.
Makoto: To tell the truth, I'm a little afraid of him.
Makoto: I saw him fighting with some high school boys once before.
Kentarou: Bastard! What if that had started a fire?
Makoto: One of them had dropped a cigarette butt or something...
Makoto: I can't believe he's so mad. Does he hate cigarettes that much?

Makoto: Hey, Kentarou, why don't you play Digimon?
Makoto: They're really cute.
Kentarou: Shut up.
Kentarou: I don't care.
Makoto: If you want, I'll gave you one of my Digimon.
Makoto: He died recently, so you can raise him again from an egg. It'll be fun.
Kentarou: Hehe! He's dead, so now you don't care, huh?
Kentarou: You love him when he's alive, but then he dies and you just forget about him and give him away. What a great master you are!

Makoto: That's not it!
Makoto: I won't forget him a Monster I raised!
Makoto: But once something's dead, it can't be revived.
Makoto: So... So you've got to treasure a new life and raise it.
Makoto: Each new life as it comes, over and over again!
Kentarou: Hmph.
Makoto: Oh! Wait, Kentarou...!
Boy 1: Hey, quit it, Makoto! He hates animals.
Boy 1: I know he's the one who let the rabbits and chickens free from the animal pen. He pushes away any cats that come near him, too...

Boy 1: And I heard that under the supporter on his left arm, he has a scar from a bite...
Boy 1: He must have got bitten by a dog or something and that made him hate animals.
Boy 2: What? That's a pretty pathetic reason.
Boy 1: Yeah.
Boys: Ahahahaha!
Makoto: I'll make Kentarou realize how fun it is to have a pet.
Kentarou: What?
Kentarou: Is that a clock?
Makoto: No, that sound is...

Kentarou: Ugh! A Digimon!
Makoto: I knew it!
Makoto: You're not just going to abandon it, are you, Kentarou?
Kentarou: Ugh, Makoto!
Kentarou: You can have it.
Kentarou: Do a good job raising it.
Makoto: No, I can't take it!
Makoto: That Digimon must have been put there by God...
Makoto: To help you get over your hatred of animals.
Kentarou: Don't be stupid!
Makoto: Come to my house. I'll show you something cool.
Kentarou: Hey, Makoto!

Kentarou: What's this...?
Makoto: Hehe!
Makoto: It's a 3-D virtual monitor.
Makoto: My brother made it. He's a graduate student at university.
Makoto: If you connect to this machine, it'll show a 3-D version of your Monster.
Bun: Mokyuuu!

Kentarou: Wh...what's this...?
Makoto: Isn't he cute? That's your Monster.
Kentarou: Wait a minute, when did it become my Monster?
Makoto: But look.
Makoto: He really likes you. I think he's happy you picked him up.
Kentarou: Idiot. Let go. Get away from me.
Makoto: Ahahaha, he's so happy. Look at him wagging his tail "bunbunbun".
Kentarou: He looks like him...
Makoto: Huh?
Kentarou: No, it's nothing...
Makoto: Ahahahahaha!

Caption: The next day.
Kentarou: This won't do.
Kentarou: I let myself get carried away by Makoto yesterday, but I'll just have to make him take this back...
Kentarou: Huh? Where's Makoto?
Boy: Oh, he was called outside a bit ago.
Kentarou: What's this huge trailer?
Makoto: Wah! Stop it!
Kentarou: That's Makoto's voice!

Kentarou: Wh...what's going on...?
Jousaki: It's a machine that lets you battle with real Digimon.
Jousaki: Welcome to the 3-D Coliseum!

Makoto: Hard Armor III...
Kentarou: Who are you?
Kentarou: What the hell are you doing?
Jousaki: I'm Jousaki Shinichirou, the heir to Jousaki Electronic Engineering Institute.
Jousaki: I just finished a death battle with Makoto's Greymon.
Kentarou: Death battle?
Boy: I've heard rumors about that... If you decline the challenge or if you lose the battle, your entire dock will be destroyed.
Boy: I heard some rich kid was the one behind the battles...
Boy: But I had no idea he'd go after Makoto...

Jousaki: According to my research, Makoto's Greymon was the strongest Monster in this region.
Jousaki: Though as it turned out, he was no match for Deathmon...
Jousaki: Deathmon is the most powerful Digimon. He's created through absorbing the data of those he battles. Hehehe...
Kentarou: Created...?
Jousaki: More importantly, it's time for the death battle's finale.
Jousaki: Now give me your dock.
Makoto: No!
Makoto: If this dock is broken, I won't be able to raise a new life!
Makoto: I'm going to raise my Hard Armor IV on this!
Jousaki: Just give up! You already have a bunch of other Digimon anyway, don't you?
Jousaki: Now give me your dock!

Kentarou: Quit it!
Jousaki: I've done some research on you, Makoto.
Jousaki: You're not allowed to have a real pet, so you consider your Digimon to be the equivalent of a real pet.
Jousaki: No wonder your Monster was strong.
Jousaki: You even kept a diary of his progress.
Jousaki: But don't worry...
Jousaki: I'll decorate the last page of your diary.

Jousaki: Death!
Makoto: Hard Armor!

Kentarou: How can you do such a horrible thing?
Kentarou: Makoto raised that as his real pet!
Jousaki: Raise? I don't know.
Jousaki: I thought the point of this game was to create powerful Monsters.
Jousaki: "If you lose, only death awaits." Isn't that a fitting rule for battle monsters?
Jousaki: A game should be thrilling, shouldn't it?
Kentarou: Losing a game might make you angry, but a game that makes you sad is no game at all!
Kentarou: Your rules are wrong!
Jousaki: Only a weakling would say that!
Jousaki: If you have a Digimon, then just try and beat me. In a death battle, of course.
Jousaki: I'll make an exception and let you decline. After all, I don't want to fight a weak Digimon.
Kentarou: Ooh...

Kentarou: All right. I accept.
Kentarou: I'll crush your Deathmon...
Kentarou: With the Digimon I raised!
Jousaki: Hahaha! This should be fun! All right, meet me at the institute in ten days.

Makoto: Sorry, Kentarou. This is all my fault...
Kentarou: More importantly, I've got to apologize to this guy. I got so upset, I went and promised I'd make him battle...
Kentarou: Sorry...
Bun: Mokyu?
Kentarou: But what's done is done, so I'll just have to take responsibility and make you a strong Monster.
Kentarou: Guess we'll be working together.
Bun: Kyu!
Makoto: Looks like he wants to show you a battle Monster's guts.
Bun: Mokyu!
Kentarou: Hey! Quit it.
Makoto: Heh, I wonder if that Monster understands what's going on...

Kentarou: Okay, I've made up my mind. Your name is Bun.
Makoto: What? It's not very strong-sounding...
Kentarou: I don't care. He's Bun. Bun!
Makoto: And so Bun's training began.
Makoto: It's easier to check your Monster's progress when he's 3-D than when he's in the dock...
Makoto: So I helped out with training.
Makoto: I've drawn up a plan using the diaries of all the Monsters I've raised.
Kentarou: Wow, thanks.
Makoto: Hehe!
Makoto: I have faith in this.
Makoto: But...

Makoto: I was surprised to find that even after several days of training, Bun didn't grow or evolve at all.
Makoto: I wonder why. Usually he'd be an adult by now...
Makoto: He's cute, but all he does is wag his tail.
Kentarou: Hmm.
Makoto: But as Kentarou began to understand Bun's personality, he stopped using my schedule.
Makoto: Hey! If you let him nap now, he won't sleep at night.
Makoto: Kentarou, if you don't stick to the training schedule...
Makoto: Bun won't get any stronger.

Kentarou: Sorry, but let me handle this myself, okay?
Makoto: Huh?
Makoto: But...
Makoto: I wonder if that Monster...
Makoto: Was thrown away because he wouldn't grow up.
Boy 1: Well, there's no reason to force him to grow.
Boy 2: But if he doesn't, his dock'll be destroyed.
Kentarou: Oh, that feels good, like a fan.
Kentarou: Ow.

Boy 2: Anyway, Kentarou's always hated animals.
Kentarou: Come back here!
Boy 2: Maybe he's not even worried about it.
Makoto: It's true he's with him round the clock...
Makoto: But to me it looks more like just playing around than training...
Makoto: What are you thinking, Kentarou...?

Makoto: Then the day of the battle arrived.
Makoto: But Bun still hadn't reached adult stage.
Jousaki: Hahaha! Don't make me laugh. Are you really challenging my Deathmon with that immature Monster of yours?
Jousaki: Wait a minute, I've heard that in every hundred thousand or so, there's a Badmon, a Monster who won't evolve no matter what you do.
Jousaki: This guy must be one of defects.

Kentarou: Bun's not defective.
Kentarou: He's my Digimon and he's great!
Jousaki: Don't worry, I'll put him out of his misery soon enough.
Jousaki: With the Deathmon I built!
Jousaki: Set on!
Jousaki: Bun, stand-by okay. Deathmon, stand-by okay!
Jousaki: Battle start!

Boy: Wow, that Deathmon looks even more evil than before.
Jousaki: Hehehe, I've finally completed him.
Jousaki: My convertible Monster, Deathmon!
Kentarou: Convertible Monster?
Jousaki: That's right, why do you think I input all the data of the opponents he's beaten?
Jousaki: It was so Deathmon would have the strength of all those Monsters!
Jousaki: For example...
Jousaki: Change into Death Airdramon!

Boy: Wah! He changed shaped!
Jousaki: Hahaha, take this.
Jousaki: Death Arrow, fire!
Kentarou: Dodge, Bun!
Bun: Mokyu!

Jousaki: Hahaha, this is just the beginning.
Jousaki: How about Death Devimon's Death Knuckle!
Jousaki: Or Death Tyrannomon's Death Beam!
Boy 1: He's just fooling around...
Boy 2: A convertible Monster... What has he made...?
Jousaki: Would you like to see an Ultimate Monster?

Jousaki: This is my strongest Monster, Death Metal Greymon!
Kentarou: Oh!
Jousaki: Makoto's Greymon was very helpful in collecting the Metal Greymon data.
Makoto: Ooh...
Kentarou: Bastard...
Bun: Mokyu!

Jousaki: Hahaha, that'll never work!
Boy 1: It's no use!
Boy 2: Even if he hits him, it won't do any damage!
Makoto: Damn it...!
Jousaki: Now let's see how long your Badmon can withstand his attacks!
Makoto: Oh... He means to wear him down little by little, without even using a special attack...
Kentarou: Like a cat playing with a mouse...

Makoto: Oh!
Boy: A Badmon never had a chance of winning to begin with...
Makoto: But...if you'd trained him as best as you could and still lost, that would be one thing...
Makoto: But at this rate, I know I'll only regret this, Kentarou.
Kentarou: Makoto...?
Makoto: You said you'd take care of him and raise him...but... Why didn't you stick to my training schedule?
Kentarou: Well...
Jousaki: Hehehe, time to finish him off.
Jousaki: Change!
Kentarou: What? He's changing form again!

Kentarou: Oh! Now it's Death Meramon!
Boy 1: But why Meramon?
Boy 2: Yeah...
Makoto: What is it, Kentarou?

Jousaki: I've done some research on you, Kentarou.
Jousaki: Looks like you don't like fire much.
Jousaki: After all, when you were little, there was a fire...
Jousaki: And your pet dog died.
Jousaki: The cause was someone's cigarette butt they'd tossed aside...

Jousaki: Ever since then you've been so sad you couldn't let yourself get close to any animals!
Makoto: Is that true, Kentarou?
Makoto: Is that why you got into fights over cigarettes and pretended to hate animals...?
Kentarou: I don't get you.
Kentarou: What's the point in researching that?
Jousaki: Nothing...I just did it as a precaution. You have an interesting past.
Jousaki: But thanks to it, I was able to come up with this fun little plan!

Jousaki: How's this? Seeing your pet get burnt to death is pretty fitting, don't you think?
Kentarou: Oh!
Makoto: Bun!
Kentarou: Makoto...the thing is, Bun's personality is just like my dog's. I realized it as I was training him...
Kentarou: My dog may have died...but he's a Battle Monster.
Kentarou: That's why I decided to raise him as a strong Monster who wouldn't die.
Kentarou: I think your plan was a good one...
Kentarou: But I wanted to train him at his own pace...!

Boy: But what will you do now, Kentarou? In order to beat Meramon, you need an attack that's strong enough to get rid of the flames...
Boy: Bun's not strong enough!
Jousaki: Hahaha, defects are always defective.
Jousaki: I know your dog was called Bun, too.
Jousaki: I heard he was a stupid dog who couldn't do anything but wag his tail!
Jousaki: Now it's time to watch this Badmon get burnt up just like your dumb dog.
Jousaki: Hahahahahaha!
Kentarou: You didn't research thoroughly enough.
Kentarou: Bun wasn't dumb...
Jousaki: What?

Kentarou: Bun wasn't dumb!
Kentarou: I got this wound when Bun dragged me to safety after I lost consciousness.
Kentarou: Bun died a noble death!
Kentarou: It's true he wasn't usually very reliable...
Kentarou: When when it came down to it, he was someone you could count on!
Kentarou: That was Bun!
Kentarou: Go, Bun! Show him what you've got!

Kentarou: You may be small, but you're a Battle Monster!
Bun: Mokyu!
Makoto: Oh! He's fanning the flames away.
Jousaki: What?
Kentarou: Now! Jump!

Kentarou: Blow away the flames of death!

Kentarou: Spinning Tail Cyclone!
Bun: Mokyu.

Boy 1: Yahoo! He won!
Boy 2: Bun turned the tables on him!
Jousaki: N...
Jousaki: No way...
Makoto: I see, Kentarou... Training should be varied according to a Monster's personality.
Makoto: Without realizing it, I'd come to rely on doing things only one way.
Kentarou: ...Maybe God really did give me this Digimon...
Kentarou: I was only able to train him because he was Bun...
Jousaki: Damn it...

Makoto: Now Kentarou plays Digimon with the rest of us.
Makoto: I was a bit worried...
Makoto: That I'd met my biggest rival...
Makoto: But at school, Bun was really weak.
Kentarou: Hey, can't you win once in a while?
Bun: Mokyu!

Caption: C'mon Digimon...the end.

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