Chapter 11 - Reborn
Dorimon disappears so Hikaru charges at Duke for killing his partner. We then see Dorimon isn't dead and it is revealved that Duke had to 'kill' Dorimon in order to plant a Dragon Spirit at just the right time. It is also revealed that everything they have done has been training just as Masuken thought. They are about to train more when Duke senses evil, think he evolves to normal Dukemon and then opens a porthole where the kids see a very injured Omegamon. Hikaru says they must go to him and that Kiyoshi (the 4th kid that go sucked in during Chapter 1) is also there. Hikaru charges through but Duke stops the others ordering Mame to follow Hikaru until he can go himself. He tells the kid he'll transmit a super evolution sphere to them. Duke then gives them power and says the merging process will be painful. Omegamon tells Hikaru that MetalPhantomon created an unstopable devil (Death-X Mon). Hikaru tells him that Dori has a new spirit thanks to Duke and that he will stop Death-X. MetalPhantomon stats that Dori should now be dead but Hikaru produces a sphere and Dori evolves again to Grade. MetalPhanto sends Ultimate Brachimon against him and UB gets trashed. MetalPhantomon is very suprised that Grade killed a perfect in 1 go. Death-X is sent into battle Grade. Death-X attacks but Hikaru continously lets out energy spheres to help Grade defend himself. Teru says he can't do it (meaning merge evolve) however we see Masuken floating and in a reasonable amount of pain (he was told). Grade is hurt but Mame forces through an attack. We then see Ouryuumon and Masuken standing in front of him saying he has come to help.
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