Special Chapter #1 - Xros Hustle!! The Great Digimon Athletic Meet!!

We start off with Taiki introducing himself to us and about Xros Heart's Mission to return peace to the Digital World. The land in the Stadium Zone where HustleNanimon has the Code Crown. There is to be a Digimon Obstacle Race and the person who wins gets the Code Crown. Shoutmon is up for this, however Blue Flare, Twilight and Bagura Army are also there taking part. When Shoutmon asks what the three commanders are doing there Tactimon replies that they were returning from their year-end company excursion. They'd been to the manga zone and Lilithmon had been in the hot springs lol.

Kiriha says he won't lose to Xros Heart in sports. Tactimon says he'll judge, Lilithmon won't enter as she doesn't want to sweat, so that leaves Blastmon to enter for them. Starmon & Pickmons, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Greymon, Monitamon, MailBirdramon and Sparrowmon enter for the other teams. When it starts, Sparrowmon takes an early lead as he can fly, however Monitamon explains that it's fine as there are obstacles. The first one is spinning bats, you have to hold one of the bats on the course by its head and rotate 10 times about it. Kiriha realises that some of them won't be able to run properly cause of the dizziness.

Sparrowmon scoffs at it being only 10 and does more, however this makes him dizzy and causes him to crash, thus retiring him from the contest. Greymon is actually thankful of this! The second contest is an egg and spoon type race. Lilithmon realises that Blastmon is bad at this kind of thing. Monitamon states that the item they will carry is a Bommon and will explode if dropped. Plenty of contestants are being exploded upon by their Bommon. Dorulumon comes to carry his team. He's fine from the spinning thanks to using his Drill Blader (in short he's used to it). When Ballistamon gets on Dorulumon it slows him down, allowing the others to start catching up.

Blastmon is way behind and annoyed that he has a dirty body. Lilithmon is freaking out that the code crown won't be got by them if he keeps this up. The next obstacle is search for the candy. The participants must enter their face into the sea of wheat flour and look for the hidden candy without using their hands. Lilithmon gets an idea and calls to Blastmon that there are gemstones in the flour. Blastmon dashes forward and eats all the flour and candy. However Monitamon then reveals that there are spicy traps in the flour as well as candy. Blastmon can't take it and has to retire. One of the racing Monitamon has to go to the loo as it ate one of the traps. Nene admits her team are now fully out.

The last obstacle is a hurdle a tall hurdle. Taiki therefore Digixros' Shoumon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon and the Pickmons. Therefore he can now jump the hurdles. MetalGreymon goes flying past, seem Kiriha had the same idea. MetalGreymon is in the lead, Kiriha calls Taiki naive and he's going to get the Code Crown. Taiki tells Shoutmon X4 to throw the star sword towards the finish line. MetalGreymon gets in the way of the sword, but Taiki DigiXros releases and they cross the line. Team Xros Heart win, however Starmon cannot stop and the Code Crown is sent flying.

The Monitamon is now leaving the loo as the Code Crown bounces that way and ends up in the flushed toilet. We then get a notice "We cannot show you the ending of this manga due to the extreme unsightliness of this image".

- End of Special Chapter-
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