Chapter 008 - Xros Generals!! Assemble the Anti-Bagra Allied Forces!!?
DarkKnightmon takes Kiriha's denouncements in stride, and immediately tries to proposition the boy into allying with him. Kiriha doesn't have time for DarkKnightmon's nonsense, and reloads Cyberdramon instead. Surprised, Nene counters with her Shurimon. Cyberdramon manages to get past Shurimon, grappling onto DarkKnightmon and getting ready to impale the knight with his Twin Lancer. Nonchalant, Kiriha asks DarkKnightmon to keep from recruiting Taiki as well, as the Blue Flare General wants Taiki all to himself. DarkKnightmon isn't scared, and warns Kiriha that killing him will result in the Zone being destroyed--but Kiriha takes that in stride too, replying that all he cares for is the Code Crown.

Shoutmon's pissed about that, but surprisingly, so is Greymon, as Kiriha had promised him some snacks. Just then, Shurimon gets into position, with his blade at Kiriha's throat. Nene explains that she can't afford to lose DarkKnightmon yet, but Kiriha merely orders Cyberdramon to obliterate DarkKnightmon if he is killed. Almost awed, DarkKnightmon thinks that Kiriha's not just a hound, he's a [i]tiger[/i]. Out loud, he states that Nene has reported that Taiki and Kiriha's "colors" are too pure and opposed, and that if Kiriha won't join him, Twilight will destroy him. But Kiriha just won't back down. He proclaims that Taiki [i]will[/i] be his, and that the Bagura and Twilight armies are the ones who face destruction.

Just then, they all hear Taiki's voice from out of nowhere, telling Sparrowmon AB to slow down. Sparrowmon AB blasts back into the Zone and collides with DarkKnightmon and Cyberdramon, shocking everyone but a smirking Kiriha, then Xros Opens back into Sparrowmon and Ballistamon. An ecstatic Sparrowmon wants to do it again, but Taiki and Ballistamon just feel nauseated. Kiriha shouts out to a surprised Taiki, explaining that he's there to acquire Taiki, while Sparrowmon hugs Nene. Now that Taiki's back, Nene recalls Shurimon, while DarkKnightmon congratulates Taiki's ingenuity, and starts getting melodramatic about the three Generals all being in one place. Kiriha shouts at him to stuff it, but Nene just asks them to join forces again, to take on the Bagura Army.

Taiki shocks her by revealing that he knows all about Nene's sister Kotone, and asks her why she decided to deal with DarkKnightmon. A smug DarkKnightmon claims he is just trying to bring about peace, but Kiriha reminds him that Twilight was responsible for manipulating Xros Heart, Blue Flare, and Tactimon into the battle at the Snow Zone. DarkKnightmon admits that he isn't a saint, but still claims to be reasonable. Nene tries once again to ask for Taiki and Kiriha's friendship, but Taiki rejects her, telling her that friends don't exploit each other like Nene did.

DarkKnightmon accepts that negotiations have failed, but then reveals his trump card: he kidnapped Akari while she was bathing with Nene, and Nene explains that Twilight will return Akari if Taiki comes with her to DarkKnightmon's base. MailBirdramon, Greymon, and Kiriha are all outraged at Twilight's dishonorable conduct, but Taiki yells at them to be quiet. He asks Nene to promise that they will return Akari, and when DarkKnightmon tries to answer, he yells at the knight to be quiet; he was asking [i]Nene[/i].

Nene meekly affirms her promise, and Taiki tells his team to get ready to go. He jokingly apologizes to Kiriha, who replies that he was just trying to be a gentleman for the lady, Akari, but was too reckless. Nene asks why he pushed away a lady like herself, but Kiriha retorts that Nene is no lady, just a voyeur. Nene then places a guillotine trap on Taiki's hands, telling him that it will cut off his hands if he leaves her side. She orders DarkKnightmon to release Akari, then reloads Ornismon. Everyone else is shocked, but she merely begins the Zone Transfer. Shoutmon tells Taiki not to worry about them, right in front of DarkKnightmon, while Sparrowmon tries to tell Nene that Xros Heart and Blue Flare aren't bad guys, and that she thinks they might be able to help rescue Kotone as well.

In her heart, Nene is glad that she has a friend like Sparrowmon. Out of love, she tells Sparrowmon to leave her for Xros Heart, pretending that it's because Sparrowmon is a gossip, then she leaves with Taiki, DarkKnightmon, and Ornismon. While Sparrowmon sits in disbelief, Akari wakes up. Twilight arrives at their base, the Dark Crystal Palace in the Rain Zone, and DarkKnightmon explains that the never-ending rain comes from the Digital World's tears. He introduces Taiki to his collection of crystallized Digimon, proclaiming that his collection is ready to awaken and serve in his dark crusade! At that instant, Taiki spots a girl, who Nene reveals is Kotone.

Back in the Sweets Zone, a distraught Akari blames herself for the loss of Taiki. Zenjirou and Shoutmon try to cheer her up, claiming that they will simply go rescue Taiki, while Kiriha asks them how exactly they plan to do that. Suddenly, Nene's Monimon shows up, and transmits a message to them: DarkKnightmon's plan is about to reach the stage where it can no longer be stopped, and she wants them to flee to someplace they will be safe from the monster's schemes.

-End of Chapter 8-

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