Chapter 007 - Xros Friend!! The Whereabouts of Trust!
DarkKnightmon and Lilithmon are starting to duke it out. The latter is shocked to be put onto the defensive and that "This superpower of Demon Lord class has escaped detection by the Bagra Army's intelligence network up till now." She asks him which rural countryside area he came from. DarkKnightmon just tells her from the fields of hell. (ha nice). Sparrowmon is still attacking ReverseWeddinmon, the latter says she'll hand over the Code Crown and will treat her to sweets. Lilithmon hears and looks away from her battle, annoyed at the betrayal. DarkKnightmon soon brings her back as he attacks and she defends herself. Lilithmon uses a brand new attack (Empress Emblaze) causing an explosion. Nene orders Sparrowmon to fnish off ReverseWeddinmon, however Taiki tells her no. He explains to Nene that if Reverse Weddinmon truely wanted to defeat them she would have used poison, however she couldn't bear to do it. Surrending was the only way they could continue to do what they loved.

Sparrowmon tells Taiki to stop it and that she's just an enemy. Sparrowmon goes for ReverseWeddinmon, however is caught by Ballisamon, who refuses to let go. DarkKnightmon is injected by a poison in his arm and he cuts it off. He realises that it was her Nazar Nail and if he had reacted later he would have died. However he has also cut Lilithmon's face. She gets angry and this is enough to open the space-time split. ReverseWeddinmon states if they get sucked in they can't return. DarkKnightmon corrects her if they leave it as it is, the whole zone will be sucked in. He knew she was hysterical and but for it to come to this level.. Lilithmon comes back to and realises she exploded and that if the zone gets annihilated, the emperor will get mad. Though it'll be ok as she'll be able to finish off the enemies and get the Code Crown later.

Taiki, Ballistamon, Sparrowmon are all sucked up into the rift. DarkKnightmon stops the rift with the power he's been saving. Shoutmon asks what he's going to do about Taiki and the others, however there is no reply.

Ballistamon and Sparrowmon land away from Taiki. Sparrowmon wants to get back to Nene and blaims Ballistamon, as he tries to leave he tells Ballistamon that "he can stay here and be a lost child forever" (...child..hmmm). Sparrowmon however cannot leave and finds out the hard way. Ballistamon tells Sparrowmon this place is most likely the digital space that exists between Zones. When we Digimon leave a Zone, they become normal data and cannot maintain their stability. Where they are currently based is likely made up from zone fragments and that it isn't safe to leave. Sparrowmon is loney, hurt and hungry. So Ballistamon offers Diginoir, but then takes them away. Ballistamon tells him that since he was going to finish off an injured Digimon that was going to surrender, if he doesn't reflect on that he won't hand over any Diginoir. Sparrowmon says that Nene said it was ok to destroy the enemy. Ballistamon replies that you shouldn't just make any opponent out as an enemy, everyone has their own reasons for fighting. He isn't saying that he cannot fight, but there are times in which you have to battle to convey your feelings to the opponent.

Ballistamon explains that in the past he was afraid of fighting, his home zone was captured by the Bagura Army, but he got away. He got angered by Shoutmon, who he met in the Green Zone. Shoutmon's words to him helped. Ballistamon believes that to Shoutmon, battle are like words or songs, to convey the feelings, he's following Shoutmon because he wants to see the Digital World that Shoutmon will make. Sparrowmon tells Ballistamon that Nene is his best friend, she reads him books, sings songs and even bakes sweets and that's why he loves Nene so much. Ballistamon tells him that if he likes her that much, he canot listen to what she says without thinking. Friends should accept each others' weaknesses and inexperience, if they have faults you should try and correct them. If you can't do that...when she is really suffering, you won't be able to save her. Sparrowmon says that sounds complicated and he doesn't understand. Ballistamon then hands over some Diginoir and tells him to try and remember what they talked about once in a while.

Taiki is on his own and is needing a loo XD He hears music coming from his Xros loader and the voices of DarkKnightmon and Nene. DarkKnightmon is expending a lot of his magic power. Nene is worried about Sparrowmon, who DarkKnightmon states isn't an indisposable neccessity in their plans. He tells Nene that she has her priorites wrong and he'll be closing the gate. Taiki realises they are connected via the Xros Loader and that they need to escape. He also realises that Nene and DarkKnightmon don't seem to be too friendly with each other.

Sparrowmon is talking to Ballistamon again, stating he was still a baby when Nene's group got lost on the Digital World. Him and Nene joined forces and arrived in the Shinobi Zone and became friends with Monitamon's. It was then she became a General and learned how to use DigiXros. Ballistamon wonders what he means by 'group'. Sparrowmon continues stating for a while Kotone's condition got bad, she was always leeping and wouldn't open her eyes. Then SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon came to the village, stating they would save Kotone and made a deal with Nene. Ballistamon now asks who Kotone is, along with the duo. Sparrowmon explains Kotone is Nene's little sister. He also states he hates the duo and after they joined the team, Nene got scarier. Sparrowmon realises that he's given a way a secret. Taiki appears and seems like he's being listening in for a while. However he needs the loo first of all lol. Taiki says while they talk, they should escape at the same time. He tells Sparrowmon he needs to borrow his power for a while.

> Nene tells DarkKnightmon abot Taiki. As the "Third General" they can't remove him from their plans. He replies they should use Kiriha as the third if needed. DarkKnightmon states he can't expend anymore of his power as there is a possible hinderance cropping up during that "Ritual." Nene says that Taiki is more and that he's worth waiting a while for. Shoutmon wonders if she's trying to cover up for Taiki. Kiriha arrives, apparently having heard what DarkKnightmon has said. He now understands that he is the one pulling the strings behind Nene and things his reasons are selfish.

Taiki Digixros' Ballistamon and Sparrowmon to create Sparrowmon AB (After Burner). They start to make their way out as a Digixros can last longer in the space flow. Taiki asks Sparrowmon what is DarkKnightmon's motive. He replies he doesn't known as he's not heard anything of it. Taiki understands that DarkKnightmon needs Three Generals for some reason, that likely means him, Nene and Kiriha. Sparrowmon states no, DarkKnightmon stated Kiriha and Taiki's colour compatability is bad and can't be used together. Taiki wonders who the other general will be. Sparrowmon replies it's Kotone, she is a general as well.

-End of Chapter 7-
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