Digimon Xros Wars 004 Xros Rival!! The Blue Evil Dog Kiriha!!

Kiriha has turned up to 'save' Xros Heart. He reloads Greymon who attacks Tactimon with Blaster Tail. Jijimon recognises Greymon and states with its combat ability and brutal nature, it was said to have devoured many of the Generals who commanded it. Greymon attacks against with Horn Strike. Tactimon defends with Kishintotsu (Fierce God Thrust). Zenjirou has to jump of of the way before he is flatted by Greymon. Greymon Gwah's that Tactimon was able to repel his Horn Strike. Kirhia understands that it was expected of the rumoured strongest general of the Bagura Army. Greymon is bleeding but sill wants to fight. Cutemon tries to stop him as he knows Greymon's wound could cost him his life if he fights. Greymon either doesn't understand or pretends to not understand and asks Kiriha what Cutemon means. Kiriha says the weak have a weak way of survival and it's nothing to do with Cutemon. Greymon says that for a man to live, he has to spill a little blood. Kiriha then proceeds to Digixros MailBirdramon and Greymon into MetalGreymon.

MetalGreymon attacks with Trident Arm as Shoutmon is suprised that they can DigiXros. Dorulumon wonders how they are able to fight on par with Tactimon. MetalGreymon tells Tactimon to not hold back as he attacks with Giga Destroyer. Tactimon defends with his sword as Kiriha is a little surprised that he wasn't taken down. Tactimon is now checking on the troops. He knows there are too many casualties. Even though Blue Flare have taken some damage, Taiki's troops are still strong. He shoots to the sky. The Troopmon know this is Signal Flare and the sign is for them to retreat. MetalGreymon isn't happy as he still wants to fight Tactimon. Tactimon uses Tenshukaku (Castle Tower) to create a castle (and a huge smoke screen), thus allowing them to escape.

Kiriha states it was extravagent to use the technique just for a retreat. Kirhia realises that it was San no Tachi (Third Sword) and that normal Digimon probably wouldn't stand a chance and would just fall into the holes in the ground. Akari asks why would Tactimon retreat when he was so strong. Kiriha tells her that he just saw how heavily damaged his troops were and annihilating the enemy and taking over the Zone are two completely different matters. He seems disappointed that Tactimon didn't unsheathe his sword. He goes on to explain that the sword, Jatetsufuujinmaru (Snake and Iron Sealing God Sword), if it is unsheathed even once, that power is enough to destroy a whole Zone and that Tactimon sealed it himself. He himself thinks it's gossip but asks Taiki what he believes. Zenjirou thinks after that battle he doesn't think it's a rumour.

Taiki wants to know who Kiriha is and asks what he knows about him. Kiriha tells Taiki that he's just a human who wandered into the Digital World like them. He heard it from Nene that Taiki had encounted Tactimon in the Snow Zone. (Aka i'm sure she set that up). Kirhia states that he doesn't know the girl personally but it was thanks to her that he was able to save him. He asks Taiki to become his subordinate as he has talent to become a general. Together they could conquer the Digital World. Shoutmon is annoyed at Kiriha, especially after he says the only one he wants it Taiki and he doesn't want trash Digimon. Taiki refuses Kiriha stating he wants to make Shoutmon the Digimon King. He doesn't want to think of the Digital World in Kiriha's hands. Kiriha asks again and is refused again. Kiriha states There will come a time to determine which of us is the better man and when that time comes is he cofident enough to battle and win

Taiki tells him that whatever Kirhia does doesn't concern him and if they have to battle someday then they will become stronger. Kiriha states that Taiki is interesting and that he wants Taiki in my hands more and more *snicker*. However he must correct the half-hearted thinking that Taiki has. With that he orders Greymon and MailBirdramon to get rid of all of Taiki's Digimon. He will show Taiki that he'll lose everything if he carries on. Greymon states to them lets have a match. MailBirdramon corrects him stating that Kiriha's orders were to not have a match but to annihilate them. MailBirdramon attacks with Nighthawk in which Taiki tells the guys to run away. He doesn't want to resort to this way of battling. Ballistamon uses Arm Bunker to create a smoke screen of their own to escape. They even are able to cover their escape tracks. Greymon seems upset at this as all the prey have escaped. Kirhia tells him that Taiki doesn't have the Code Crown so can't have gone too far and that they will hunt them down.

The kids are cold in their hiding place. Thanks to Kiriha overestimating Taiki he put all the Digimon into the Xros Loader and buried themselves in the snow. Taiki thanks the Mushmon for the coats as it would have been even colder. Shoutmon is hurt until Cutemon uses Kizunao (Wound Heal). Sunflowmon explains that the Cutemon have that special technique. Zenjirou fixes Ballistamon up. Jijimon explains that with the Xros Loader if a lot of Digimon are put into it they can't fully heal in a short time.

Taiki is thinking of what Kiriha had said. Taiki knows he needs power to fulfill his dreams, a different power from Kiriha's. Akari tries to stop Dorulumon leaving with his injuries. We get a flashback of Dorulumon taking Cutemon with him on his travels. Dorulumon states it's true he was once part of the Bagura Army and that he destroyed many towns and villages. He also goes on to state that at the time he believe that only power was justice and if he were strong he could do anything he wanted. He also states that he lost count of the villages he destroyed and that Cutemon's village may have been one of them. Cutemon cries and runs from Dorulumon. Shoutmon looks at Dorulumon in wonder as he states that he's a good guy and he was lucky to have met Shoutmon before having to leave Cutemon. (Seems that Dorulumon only said that to keep Cutemon safe with Xros Heart as he's leaving). Taiki tries to go afterhim but trips over a Musyamon buried in the snow. The Musyamon wonders if Xros Heart are one of the hunters that came after him because he escaped. He openly speaks staing he won't carry out any resistance and he waits for his punishment. Lilymon realises that this isn't a Musyamon but an OchiMusyamon (a defeated samurai that fled from the enemy).

OchiMusyamon explains that he joined the Bagra Army to become a great ochimusha but Tactimon was so strong that there weren't many chances of a good losing battle. He got beat by Xros Heart and that he got seperated. Lilymon explains that OchiMusyamon is a subspecies of Musyamon and when it loses a battle it will flee, a mutated Digimon that bets everything on romance. (wtf) But with how OchiMusyamon speaks it's more of Masochism. The OchiMusyamon knew Dorulumon. They were comrades, the tribe Dorulumon came from had been warriors for generations and he was ferocious in pursuit of strength. Taiki asks if he knows why Dorulumon quit the army. OchiMusyamon knows and tells them that in the past that a lot of young Digimon were still undergoing training. They were used to keep the enemy troops at bay, during one battle Dorulumon was protecting the frontline and he was told to retreat alone. When Dorulumon had obeyed his orders, Tactimon order Tankmon to fire on the frontlines, where their own allies were. Although they won the battle, the small and weak troops were killed together. When Dorulumon returned to the battlefield he saw the Digimon and from them on he didn't allow anymore sacrifices like that to be made. His way of battle changed and one day he disobeyed an order and told his troops to escape as they were about to meet the same fate. That battle was one of the few failures recordered on Tactimon's history.

The guys now understand that Dorulumon felt pain for losing his comrades. Cutemon had heard everything and also understands that Dorulumon couldn't smile from his heart as it was wounded. He goes to leave the hiding place with Akari but they are stopped by MailBirdramon. The group have been heard. Taiki telsl Akari to go after Cutemon and get Dorulumon back. MailBirdramon appears to be talking to himself, or is receiving orders from Kiriha (not entirely sure that he's 'there' with him especially after he says You don't have to come yourself, Kiriha and he alone is enough to take care of them. We see Kiriha with other Digimon stating to crush them at full power and leave nothing behind. They are going to carve despair into Taiki's naive soul.

Red VS Blue (Taiki VS Kiriha), the war begins!!

-End of Chapter 4-
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