Digimon Xros Wars 003 Xros Girls!! Mysterious Beauty Nene!!

Nene has appeared before the group and is attracted to Taiki as he's strong at fighting. Zenjirou likes her and is enthusiastic until Akari elbows him in the stomach. Akari is protective of Taiki and Nene tells her she likes strong girls as well, however Akari doesn't have the qualifications for that. That annoys Akari as Nene gets Taiki to lend her the Code Crown and Xros Loader. She likes the colour of it 'clear red, very hot, fierce and overflowing with fire.' She also then mentions that for it to mix with hers it maybe too clear.

Nene explains that the Code Crown is proof of a Zone's ruler. The owner of it can bring seperate zones back together again and open the path between dimensions. She tells him that you plug it into teh Xros Loader, point it to the sky and say Zone transfer. Taiki does this and a hole opens in the sky. Akari states it looks like the one they arrived to get into the Digital World. Taiki wonders if they can get home through it. Nene tells them that unless they enter it they won't know. She also states that those who collect the Code Crown that not only do they become the ruler of the Digital WOrld, but can remake the world. Shoutmon realises this is one way for him to become the King. Nene reveals that many zones and their Crowns are under the Bagura Army's possession so likely they would have to fight them.

Shoutmon states that's what he wished for, to defeat the Bagura army and return the Code Crowns. Nene tells them that not only do they have the Bagura Army as their enemy but there could be others. Taiki asks her and she says maybe. She states that the method of the Code Crowns and liking strong boys isn't a lie and she still wants to say as his fan. She wishes him good luck as she leaves. Akari calls her a sneaky woman and that she likely has a lot of secrets. Taiki wonders if Nene is is trying to see if she can make use of him or not.

Jijimon's group and the Mushmon have arrived. Taiki reveals that they got the Code Crown back and if it's ok for them to lend it for a bit. The Mushmon elder states that he knows the situation and that it's likely safer for the group to keep hold of it. The 2 Mushmon guards from the last chapter want to go with them. Taiki says alright. Jijimon, Sunflowmon and Lilymon seem to be going with them as well. Shoutmon asks Dorulumon to go with them, however he doesn't want to get involved with the Bagura Army. However he will go with them to the next zone to find Cutemon's parents. Taiki wants to continue staying in the world to help Shoutmon fulfil his dream and asks Akari if she would stay with him. She blushes and more or less says yes. Zenjirou also states he wants to stay as well as he feels that Taiki has won over him for his life...

Taiki puts all the Digimon into the Xros Loader as the 3 humans jump into the portal. They arrive at the Snow Zone and complain how cold it is. Jijimon tells them it is the coldest zone with Zenjirou realising that if they stay there much longer they could die. The Thin Mushmon tells Taiki to reload both Mushmon and Ballistamon. Taiki does and then Digixroses them to create Ballistamon MC (Mush Cottage). They go inside where the Thin Mushmon cooks for them. The humans are now wearing Mushroom Overcoats and asks Dorulumon to come with them again. He says it isn't his style and that he isn't qualified to do that. Dorulumon suddenly picks up a scent, he tells Taiki to let the others know they are surrounded.

The Bagura Army, along with Tactimon are there. Musyamon says it matches the information that the girl gave them. (Nene i'd bet). Shoutmon says they should be able to beat the army there. Dorulumon calls him an idiot as they are all outside where they see Tactimon. Tactimon realises that Taiki is the one with the Red Xros Loader. Dorulumon realises that this is Tactimon one of the top brass in the Bagura Army and tells them. Tactimon spots Dorulumon and reveals that he betrayed him and went into hiding. He states that he was once his right hand man, burning and destroying many towns as the Wind of the Death god. Taiki is shocked as is Cutemon. Tactimon asks if Cutemon is a survivor from one of the village and if he's doing it to atone for his sins. He goes on to state that he doesn't think an idiot who doesn't know the difference between a protector and a destroyer was ever part of his army.

Taiki tells Dorulumon to not fall for his words. He says that the army strength is dispersed. They have to concentrate their strength on a single point and break through. Dorulumon realises this means they have to go against Tactimon himself. Taiki Digixros' Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorulumon to bring out Shoutmon X3. He uses Three Victorise. Tactimon says it's bold and that Taiki maybe young but has clear sense, spirit and sharpness. He uses Sword of One to block the attack. He tells Taiki that there was hesitation in his soldiers hearts before attacking with Demon God Charge. This causes Shoutmon X3 to split back up. Tactimon states Taiki was blessed with imagination, decisiveness and basic education but he can't grasp the common practices of war and he will slay him now.

However there is an explosion next to Tactimon and MailBirdramon is seen with Kihra. He offers to save Taiki if he becomes his subordinate. Taiki sees the Blue Xros Loader of Kihira's as he introduces himself. On the Island Zone - King Whamon's Island Coastal Waters, a shadowed Digimon (believed to be Sparrowmon) tells Nene he's done as she's sunbathing. He has taken out the Bagura Army Mantaray fleet and Neptunemon. He says he's bored as she is watching Taiki and Kihra over a Monimon. The shadowed Digimon asks if she's going to destroy them next. She states that it could be either way. The Digimon states it would be great if they were a strong group of kids. She agrees and then wonders which one will be the one to mix with her colour.

-End of Chapter 3-
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