Frontier Generation
Takuya Spirit evolves to Agnimon to fight against Megadramon. Wolfmon is watching and when Agnimn goes to attack for the finishing blow, Wolfmon slices Megadramon through the torso. Takuya is annoyed at Kouji for taking his fight so much so Junpei has to hold him back from taking a swipe.

Takuya leaves the group and sits by himself with the others in the distance. He then disappers leaving Izumi, Tomoki and Junpei wondering where he is. Takuya arrives at a trashed up city. A few moments later Taichi and Zero (Aero V-dramon form) also appear from their world. They introduce each other but they are suddenly attacked. Zero saves the boys. It was Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. Babamon arrives and takes them to the city. Babamon tells them that the Digimon who attacked them wasn't actually Imperialdramon Fighter Mode but Metamorphmon. He can change into any Digimon even the real Imperialdramon FM couldn't compare against him. It is then revealed that the boys are supposed to be the heros destined to defeat Metamorphmon.

The Baby and Baby II digimon want them to help. We then see Metamorphmon in his true form attacking. Zero says he'll deal with it with Takuya then saying he will fight as well. After a swift debate on roughly how Takuya has no partner to attack with Takuya evolves to Agnimon much to the suprise of the duo. Metamorphmon then changes to Deathmon to fight and a few moments later after a bit of fighting he changes again to Imperialdramon FM.

Agnimon slides to Vitraramon. Metamorphmon beats Vitraramon in his Imperaildramon FM form. Zero then holds Vitraramon back. They then argue and while this is going off Metamorphmon changes back to normal and attacks. We then see the village with Takuya wrapped up in bandages as he is hurt. Metamorphmon comes to attack. Zero goes to fight him. Metamorphmon changes to Goddramon and is able to move quickly. Taichi is able to give Zero orders to dodge his attacks. Taichi discovers that Meta's memory system is in his chest. Takuya then has a few flashbacks and then evolves to Agnimon. He holds Goddramon and tells Zero to attack which he does. It appears Metamorphmon is defeated but he then changes into Agnimon! Both Zero and the real Agnimon get trashed. It soon becomes apparent that Agnimon and Taichi have a plan. Agnimon launches himself at the fake and just before they collide he slides to Vitararamon and trashes him.

Metamorphmon then changes back to his normal form just as Takuya falls to the ground. Metamorphmon is damaged but still standing...until Zero launces his attack taking Metamorphmon out. The village is happy that it's now over and they can start to rebuild. Taichi and Takuya are then sent back to their own worlds.

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