Digimon Xros Wars Episode 66 (Young Hunters #12)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Delicious? Disgusting? Digimon Ramen Contest!

Ogremon and Fuugamon attempt to sell their noodles in DigiQuartz but are unable to find a customer. Purporting that the other's ramen is the problem, both Digimon try the other's to find that the ramen is excellent but the soup is horrible and decide to enlist the help of a human.

In the Real World, Tagiru is hungry and asks his classmate, Masaru, about going to his father's ramen restaurant only to find out that there's a problem. Everyone is going to the rival restaurant across the street instead. After the group leave to come up with their plans, Masaru's father continues to experiment with his ramen as a digital field envelops his kitchen and whisks him off to DigiQuartz where Ogremon and Fuugamon force him to try their own ramen recipes.

Tagiru and Yuu present their plans to Taiki. Tagiru proposes that they top the ramen with an extra-large rice ball to appeal to customers while Yuu proposes they work on improving the noodle portion itself to keep the customers coming back.

Upon hearing from another fellow student that Masaru already left to help at his father's restaurant, the three rush off to find the line shifted overnight. They try the noodles to find them to be spicier than before but with amazing noodles. The three and Masaru overhear the owner yelling at a customer to get out if he doesn't like the noodles after being told the noodles were slightly on the spicy side.

That night, the three and their Digimon follow Masaru's father into DigiQuartz to find a parallel ramen store with a long line outside. They see Ogremon and Fuugamon inside preparing the noodles and Masaru's father preparing the soup. The two have a row of Goblimon taste-testers for the ramen; the whole panel says that the ramen is great but one of them thinks that it is a bit too spicy. After asking, they find that Masaru's father refuses to leave due to the mutualistic relationship between both shops.

After returning to the Real World, the three inform Masaru about the goings on. His father returning, Masaru challenges his father to a ramen contest where if his father loses he must stay out of the DigiQuartz restaurant. Masaru's father will be the judge of the contest due to his knowledge as a cook. As the two teams prepare their ramen, Masaru's father takes notice of the skill which his son displays. Both bowls of ramen completed, the tasting begins. Masaru's recipe is revealed to be an improvement on his father's old recipe. Masaru's father then judges the contest based on the heart behind the ramen and states that his son's ramen is the winner.

The contest not going to their liking, Ogremon and Fuugamon begin to attack. Damemon uses Boo-st Attack to blind the ogre digimon while Shoutmon and Gumdramon do the rest to allow Tagiru to complete the captures. The Digimon tamed, they even offer to teach how to make hand-pounded noodles.

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