Digimon Xros Wars Episode 64 (Young Hunters #10)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Landing in Hong Kong! Defend the Super Beautiful Idol Girl!

Taiki, Shoutmon, and company are transported by a Trailmon to an important destination. After Time Shifting to the Real World, Yuu realizes that they are in Hong Kong. They use the Peak Tram to descend the mountain they appeared on. In the city, a limo pulls up beside the group, and Yuu and Taiki are surprised to be greeted by the one and only Nene. Taiki's (and the audience's) disbelief that Nene has actually become an idol now gone, Nene is introduced to Tagiru. As the two are about to shake hands, a mysterious figure watching them causes a digital disturbance and an almost-fatal accident with a motorcyclist.

Inside the limo, Sparrowmon and Mervamon are re-introduced to the gang and get to meet Gumdramon. As they break to take a meal, Nene reveals that she's been feeling as if someone has been stalking her and causing trouble. Not even Mervamon had been able to deal with her encounters with the masked stalker.

Nene invites the Hunters to the set where she's filming a movie, and Tagiru attacks an actor playing an assassin he thinks is the masked stalker… and knocks him out. Thanks to this turn of events, Tagiru plays the part of the assassin who gets Nene-kicked and flies offscreen. As Nene goes over to help Tagiru up, the masked man causes a light pole to be slashed and fall towards Tagiru. Nene pulls him away just before it crashes on the set. Tagiru, Yuu, and Taiki chase the masked man into DigiQuartz to see a similar-looking Harpymon with the masked man. The battle begins, and Tagiru has Gumdramon Chou-Shinka in order to battle in the sky. Unfortunately for everyone, Harpymon is too fast.

Meanwhile in the Real World, Nene remembers when she revealed her plan to become an idol in hong Kong to her father. Her father did not support her idea, but Nene's determination remained unchanged. During this daydreaming, Yuu and the others return and reveal that Harpymon has been behind the attacks. Taiki suggests next time Nene add the power and speed of JetMervamon to their arsenal, to Nene's agreement.

The stage set, Nene performs at her scheduled concert and sings the Digimon Hunters theme song as Taiki and Tagiru go after the masked man and Harpymon. As Nene leaves heads backstage, Yuu tells her that the others are buying time for her to join the fight in DigiQuartz. Entering DigiQuarts, Nene DigiXroses Mervamon and Sparrowmon into JetMervamon only for the two to fight on-par. The tide growing unfavorable, Harpymon absorbs energy from the masked man and knocks Mervamon back into Nene's X-Loader from the Xros. Sparrowmon still on the battlefield, Tagiru DigiXroses Arresterdramon to Sparrowmon. Xros-Up Arresterdramon is able to fare well against Harpymon and eventually defeats the avian digimon and allows Tagiru to capture the digimon.

The battle over, the villain is finally unmasked as… Nene's father! (And he would have gotten away with it it if weren't for the meddling Hunters.) He reveals that Harpymon had abused his strong love for Nene to control his actions. During her encore, her father watches and is impressed by Nene's concert.

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