Digimon Xros Wars Episode 61 (Young Hunters #7)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Okonomiyaki Panic! The Town Swarming with Pagumon

Another backetball game. Tagiru again refuses to pass to Taiki, scoring so he can be treated to okonomiyaki as per a wager. Upon entering the shop, a digital disturbance sends Taiki, Tagiru, and Yuu into DigiQuartz where Pagumon are forcing the shopowner to make okonomiyaki for themselves. Gumdramon tries to hunt the Pagumon (and finds that its poison foam will make the body go numb). Upon completing the capture, Tagiru finds Pagumon to actually be a wimpling. The storeowner, upon leaving DigiQuartz, is astonished by his supply of okonomiyaki and treats the three to free all-you-can-eat okonomiyaki. Thanks to Pagumon.

Back at Tagiru's house, the Pagumon wishes to be reloaded for a moment, promising not to do anything strange. Upon being reloaded, the smell of okonomiyaki lingering on Tagiru excites the little Pagumon, who seemingly tries to eat Tagiru's enlarged stomach. As Tagiru tries to make another food wager with Taiki, they overhear mention of people who were eating potato chips disappearing. The Pagumon informs Taiki that this might be thanks to Jagamon, the potato digimon. Seeing more food in his future, Tagiru rushes off to Hunt.

Time Shifting into DigiQuartz, Tagiru encounters Jagamon, who HATES potato chips. With a burning passion. Tagiru begins to hunt Jagamon with Gumdramon, but Pagumon insists that he would know the food digimon better. During the talking, Jagamon attacks Gumdramon and escapes. The three rival hunters appear, and Ren disses Tagiru's abilities. The two again find Jagamon at a potato patch. But Gumramon isn't too good at playing Whack-A-Jagamon. So Ryouma's Psychemon successfully hunts Jagamon. And almost Gumdramon and Tagiru as well. Which causes Gumdramon to fight with Pagumon who's in the X-Loader. Gumdramon leaves Tagiru and goes with Ryouma. Who's X-Loader is "more comfortable" even though Gumdramon is obviously upset.

Pagumon later apologizes to Tagiru about what had happened. Pagumon notices that Tagiru no longer smells like okonomiyaki anymore, so Tagiru makes some for the both of them. Pagumon eats it. And like a gremlin past midnight, undergoes a transformation into a red-eyed beast. Well, a red-eyed, cream-colored Pagumon in the least. And multiplies! The rabid Pagumon overtake the city's DigiQuartz. The more they eat, the more there are to feed. The Pagumon refuse to return to the X-Loader, so Tagiru summons MetalTyrannomon. But there are too many Pagumon to fight. Elsewhere in DigiQuartz, Ryouma, Astamon, and Gumdramon (in the X-Loader) watch an Ebidramon and Octomon fight, but Ryouma isn't interested in hunting either of them. So they Time Sift away.

In the Real World, people notice the entire shop had disappeared. Tagiru contacts Taiki and Yuu for back-up against the multiplying Pagumon. But before either can Reload a digimon, the Pagumon knock both of their X-Loaders into the batter. Seems Taiki still can't hold on to his. So the Pagumon will to make better use of it: Xros-Loader-yaki! Also attracted by the Pagumon's disruptance, Ryouma appears on the scene. Gumdramon wants to be Reloaded against the Pagumon, but Ryouma says their numbers will make it too difficult… but allows Gumdramon to show what Tagiru's made of anyways.Taiki and Yuu finally find their red-hot X-Loaders in the okonomiyaki. Gumdramon, still with Ryouma, enter the shop. Tagiru explains what happened with the Pagumon, and Gumdramon has a plan so Ryouma returns Gumdramon. Trust restored, Gumdramon asks the storeowner to make a giant okonomiyaki to lure out the Pagumon infestation.

The Pagumon are drawn together toward the DigiQuartz pool. Gumdramon appears to drown in the Pagumon, but then swims up to the surface and begins to swim in a circle. The blending motion turns the live Pagumons into digital okonomiyaki batter. Gumdramon hands off to Shoutmon to bake the Pagumon batter with Rock Damashi, and Gumdramon uses his tail to slice through the batter and release the original white Pagumon. The Pagumon seems to not recall what had happened and is returned to Tagiru's X-Loader. In the bushes, Ryouma watches the group. He notes to himself that he's beginning to understand how Tagiru hunts his Digimon.

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