Japanese Name: Amano Yuu
Partner: Damemon

“I won’t allow you to enjoy these Digimon battles as if they’re just a game.”

Former pawn of DarkKnightmon and the prodigal general with the Xros Loader of determination, fighting alongside Digimon has and always will be second nature to him. Having joined Taiki’s school as a junior, Yuu has become a member of the Xros Heart street basketball team and now battles alongside Taiki in a different game.

Feeling personally responsible for the death of his partner and protector Damemon, Yuu refuses to show open jealously towards both Taiki and Tagiru, who both had their partners for several battles before Yuu was finally reunited with Damemon. Despite this, Yuu still felt a strong sadness within him and would frequently feel useless while he watched Tagiru and Gumdramon battle the invading Digimon within the DigiQuartz.

Respected by both his classmates and his seniors, Yuu is referred to by many of his classmates, mainly the girls much to Tagiru’s dismay, as Yuu-Sama and on the path of true modesty struggles to see why. Achieving in the top ten of his class and proving to be a sportsman as adept as Taiki, Yuu has modelled himself on his friend and desires to understand and become as great as him one day. Yuu also has a considerable amount of respect for Tagiru, yet watches him cautiously. Afraid that his treatment of Digimon Hunting as a game is too similar to his own behaviour when under DarkKnightmon’s sway, Yuu keeps an eye on his friend and likely feels the same about the other hunters.

Following an encounter with a rogue Blossomon and watching the strife of a classmate as she struggled to come to grips with her own potential and the envy within her, Yuu came to grips with the sadness within him, and with help from Tagiru’s positive nature looked forward to the day he would be reunited with Damemon. This day came far sooner than anyone could have predicted. While the exact circumstances have yet to be explained, Damemon returned to protect Yuu and Cutemon from the erratic assault of Airu’s partner Cho-Hakkaimon. Using their newfound power of super evolution, Yuu and Tsuwamon defeated Cho-Hakkaimon and became the final members of Xros Heart to be united as Digimon and partner.

Along with Taiki, Yuu disagrees with the merciless nature of Ryouma’s team and has consistently fought against them in an effort to prevent them from harming both his friends and classmates who have been enthralled by wild Digimon. Of the rival team, Airu is best suited as his archrival. Following her humiliating defeat at his hands, she has shown an intense hatred for him and is determined to be the one to stop him.

Partner Digimon: Damemon
Super Evolved Form: Tsuwamon
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