Japanese Name: Kudou Taiki
Partner: Shoutmon

“I can’t turn my back on him like this!”

A year older and a year wiser, Taiki has grown following his experiences in the Digital World and now acts as a mentor figure to Yuu, who is now a junior at his school, and a new friend Tagiru Akashi. Together with the pair, Taiki founded the Xros Heart street basketball team which currently stands undefeated largely due to the prodigal nature of Taiki and Yuu, who have been able to defeat a rival team on their own while Tagiru lies unconscious following a fatal fall.

Surprised by the presence of the Digimon Hunters, Taiki has joined the hunt to prevent further damage to both the human and digital world. Joined by his partner Shoutmon, who is now the Digimon King, and the core members of Xros Heart, Taiki seeks to protect human life and will do anything he can to ensure Ryouma’s Team doesn’t put his fellow class mates in danger while hunting a new Digimon. Even now, Taiki still can’t his back on those in need. Happy to take the backseat to newcomer Tagiru, it is not uncommon for Taiki to be last on the scene in a new encounter. This will either be due to arriving late because of Tagiru’s fool hardy nature, or choosing to stand back and observe the battle before making the most strategic decision.

The most experienced of the Digimon Hunters, Taiki’s skill and reputation are both feared and envied by Ryouma’s Team. While eager to prey on the reactive Tagiru and previously partner less Yuu, they would always act with caution in Taiki’s presence yet maintain an aura of control. Of the opposing team, Ryouma and Astamon appear to be Taiki and Shoutmon’s archrival. The pair have opposite views on how to treat Digimon and are the respective leaders of each group. While the two have let to clash with gigantic proportions, it can only be a matter of time before Ryouma attempts to prove his superiority and OmegaShoutmon has to show the two just who is king.

Partner Digimon: Shoutmon
Super Evolved Form: OmegaShoutmon

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Pickmons (Grey)
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