Japanese Name: Mogami Ryouma
Partner: Psychemon

“You’ll notice the town might be getting a little from today… During the hunt.”

The leader of Team Ryouma and a mysterious individual, Ryouma fights alongside his partner Psychemon and is determined to prove his worth as both a hunter and against the legendary hero, Taiki Kudou.

Appearing to Taiki while he and his team hunted Gumdramon, he warned the Xros Heart General of the dangers of being caught in the crossfire of their hunt before departing into the DigiQuartz. He possesses an unnatural aura of calm in most situations, only letting his demeanour fall when surprised following an unexpected action from Xros Heart. Ryouma could be considered cruel and calculated, caring little for human life if a powerful Digimon is up for grabs. His constant barrier in this regard, is Taiki himself. On numerous occasions now, Taiki has taken steps to prevent Ryouma from hunting due to the danger posed to either fellow classmates or his friends amongst the Digimon. When hindered, Ryouma will usually make an excuse such as the Digimon being too feral or useless for him to both collecting, and promptly departs the battle scene.

Ryouma is partnered with the silent Psychemon, who shows similar traits such as a calm and collected nature and a disregard for the safety of others. Of all the hunter’s partners, Psychemon is most frequently seen in his super evolved form, Astamon. Supposedly either Ryouma or himself, prefers this form compared to his natural state.

Of his confrontation with Xros Heart, Ryouma has had little interaction with Yuu yet acted as a harsh mentor of sorts to Tagiru upon his introduction to the world of Digimon Hunting. Explaining to Tagiru how to join the game, when he allies simply dismissed him as a crazy fool, Ryouma watches Tagiru’s battles with great interest and will interfere, such as when he fought Sagomon, to ensure that Tagiru isn’t wiped out of the game too soon. Clearly Ryouma sense potential within the most erratic member of Xros Heart and we can only guess what his true goal is.

Ryouma considers himself to be a master hunter, yet frequently finds himself being shown up by the antics of Xros Heart. With Taiki acting as the corresponding leader, it is only natural for the two to be rivals. Astamon has displayed an unnaturally high power level compared to the other hunters partners and it can only be a matter of time before Astamon and OmegaShoutmon clash, deciding whether the Digimon King is worthy of his title.

Partner Digimon: Psychemon
Super Evolved Form: Astamon
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