Japanese Name: Suzaki Airu
Partner: Opossumon

ďIím the ultimate trap master, Airu Suzaki! I make the rules!Ē

An uncontrollable and masterful hunter, Airu hides a sadistic personality and a hideous amount of wrath behind her stereotypically cute appearance. Determined to collect all Digimon who she deems cute enough to serve her, Airu will stop at nothing to obtain what she desires. Appearing originally to Tagiru along with the rest of her team, she teased him for not having a Digimon partner and upon discovering he had collected Gumdramon rather than her, felt a touch of envy. Fortunately for Tagiru, Arresterdramon was deemed too ďuncuteĒ for Airuís tastes and his partner was left alone. The same could not be said for Taikiís Cutemon however.

Respected and perhaps feared by Ren and Ryouma, Airu is infamous amongst the DigiQuartz for the traps she sets for Digimon and the callous nature she shows towards the captured that arenít worthy in her eyes. Ren and Ryouma admire her skills, and value her greatly as a member of their team. Unfortunately, as Ryouma explained to Taiki, due to her unpredictably and chaotic nature they have to let her do what she wants, and support her in this process, if they want to keep her as a loyal teammate. While deliberately breaking the rules for Digimon Hunting by pursing another Hunterís Digimon, Ryouma and Ren were forced into a confrontation with Taiki for fear that Airu would lose her prize.

Partnered with the attention seeking and self-conscious Opossumon, Airu continually makes her zealously loyal partner jealous with her obsession over all things cute. Opossumon exhibits traits similar to Airu, and will become easily angered when another Digimon is receiving more attention than her from her partner. This works well in their partnership, as Opossumonís jealousy grants him power and this helps him to take down Airuís prey and add them to her collection, hopefully keeping them out of sight and mind.

Embarrassed by the ugliness of her partnerís super evolved form, Airu will chastise Cho-Hakkaimon throughout their battles together, which further enrages and inspires her partner. Whether the positive impacts of her negativity are intended or not waits to be discovered. Following her defeat at the hands of Yuu and Tsuwamon, Airu has developed a complex against him and is determined to bring him onto his knees and beg to be her servant. Humiliated and forced to reveal the ugliness within her partner, itís likely sheíll come back more determined than ever.

Partner Digimon: Opossumon
Super Evolved Form: Cho-Hakkaimon

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