Digimon Xros Wars Episode 8
Dub Name: Meltdown in the Magma Zone
Japanese Name: The Fierce General Tactimon Closes In!

AncientVolcamon has appeared before the group. Shoutmon wants to Digixros to beat him however Ancient Volcamon is steamed and blasting around. Zenjirou realises if he continues the entire place will collapse. Taiki speaks with Ballistamon and then declares they surrender, much to Dorulumon and Shoutmon's dismay. Cutemon says to listen to Taiki as Ancient Volcamon demands Taiki hand over the Xros Loader. Taiki takes a fake from Ballistamon and hands it over to BlueMeramon. Everyone in Xros Heart bar Shoutmon seems to realise it's a fake. The Yukidaramon have to cool off Ancient Volcamon again. He orders the group be locked up. On the way Shoutmon is still ticked off and he still doesn't realise until Taiki tells him. Taiki reveals his plan was for them to take them to the cells so they can mount the rescue from there easily. Cutemon is happy he will see his parents and Dorulumon is wondering if Taiki thought this far ahead.

They reach the cells where some prisoners are being kept and are locked up. The cell is in the middle of a magma pit and the bridge used is dismantled as the Meramon leave. Shoutmon goes to break out of the bars and finds out they are electrified. Shoutmon is more upset that he looks uncool than anything else. Cutemon then asks the prisoners about his parents in which is he told they were moved the day before and they don't know where. Dorulumon tells him that at least they are still alive.

Troopmon are with Tactimon in the Magma Zone when one reports in that Taiki and Co have been captured. Tactimon orders them to be executed until Troopmon tells him that Dorulumon was also captured. He orders the execution to be delayed until he gets there. Ba'almon has been standing closeby to Tactimon and asks if he should help with the execution. Tactimon tells him that he shouldn't get too carried away. Ba'almon informs him of some friendly advise that on the battlefield even the most clostest of friends would have no problem of stabbing each other in the back and he shuold watch himself. With that he disappears as Tactimon calls him a worm.

Taiki tells the Digimon that they came to rescue them and they should join together to get free. The Digimon tell him that they've tried many times before and get punished more each time. Akari asks if they can use Shoutmon X4 in which Taiki reminds her if they do they would cause the place to collapse. Taiki says they should dig their way out. Zenjirou asks for his sword, in which Starmon reminds him it isn't 'his' sword at all. Taiki Digixros' Starmon and Pickmons (Red Pickmon's saying of the week "Dig here, woof woof") to give Zenjirou the Star Sword. They start to dig away. The Digimon say they tried that before and when the soilders come back tomorrow they will be beaten. Shoutmon tells them now that he's there they don't have to go through that ever again, Taiki joins him to say that's why they're trying to create a new world. The Digimon are speechless and start to join to help after being stirred. Dorulumon asks Taiki if they break out can they beat Ancient Volcamon. Taiki says he doesn't care about that as all that matters now is freezing the prisoners. Dorulumon tells Taiki to move and starts to drill with his tail.

*Opening airs*

DeathMeramon is with AncientVolcamon. The latter tells him that Tactimon will arrive there for the execution and that he should have the Xros Loader examined. DeathMeramon realises that it's a fake after seeing it the day previously. He tells Ancient Volcamon that it's a fake as Dorulumon breaks through the prison walls. The group realise that by Ancient Volcamon's explosion that the game is up and he knows it's a fake. They reach the end to find DeathMeramon and a bunch of Meramon with him to ambush them. Taiki tells the prisoners to go. Taiki Digixros' Shoutmon and Ballistamon to Shoutmon X2, then Starmon and Pickmon to get the Star Axe. The Meramon attack in which ShoutmonX2 easily takes them out with a few slices of the Axe. DeathMeramon attacks with Heat Chain as ShoutmonX2 dodges them. When DeathMeramon uses Heavy Metal Fire ShoutmonX2 blocks it with the Axe, however he uses his chains to tie it up. ShoutmonX2 throws the Axe to the ground to dodge the next attack and uses Body Blaster to hit DeathMeramon back.

However Ancient Volcamon come and attacks ShoutmonX2, they split back up and when Shoutmon gets back up he asks Taiki to make him ShoutmonX2 again. Taiki asks Dorulumon to help them out in which he seems willing for the first time. So a Digixros later and ShoutmonX3 enters the battle. Taiki gets the Starmon and Pickmon to Digixros again for the Sword to make Shoutmonx3 to ShoutmonX4. The battle starts with AncientVolcamon attacking and ShoutmonX4 defending with the sword. ShoutmonX4 attakcs with Three Victorize and AncientVolcamon with Big Bang Fire, however the latter attack presses back twice and throws ShoutmonX4 into a wall and digs the Star Sword into the ground. He cannot move as AncientVolcamon presses forward. Taiki uses the Agumon Digimemory summoned by "Triple Baby Flame". The Trio of Agumon's attack doesn't do anything to damage the guy but buys ShoutmonX4 some time.

Taiki realises that in order to stop AncientVolcamon they have to stop the energy source of his attack (the volcano on top of his back.) ShoutmonX4 breaks free and picks up the Sword and the giant rock it's embedded into. He goes at AncientVolcamon who can't react in time to ShoutmonX4 plugging the volcano. This causes the lava in his body to go into his own body suffocating him and then and stopping him. ShoutmonX4 is giving a power boost by Taiki saying 'Burn Up! Xros Heart'. ShoutmonX4 now uses Three Victorize Max Power causing AncientVolcamon to be slammed into a Volcano and an explosion is seen. Shoutmon realises when the split that they had more power than they actual could contain thanks to Taiki and asks if Dorulumon felt it as well. He replies not to ask.

Cutemon runs to Dorulumon as Shoutmon states that Dorulumon is someone they can definitely depend on. The group praise him as the sun rises with the group watching the hill it's coming over, however a figure is now standing there. Dorulumon seems to know it (Tactimon) and a blast wave is sent at the entire group knocking them back. Dorulumon braces it and only goes back a few paces. Shoutmon seems to know him as well as Dorulumon says that this is one of the three head officers of the Bagura Empire - Tactimon. Tactimon tells Taiki it was an impressive escape and then asks Dorulumon if he helped him. Taiki wants to know how Tactimon knows Dorulumon. The General then tells them that Dorulumon attacked and destroyed countless zones as his right hand man. Much to everyone's suprise, Shoutmon looking really peeved and Dorulumon looking slightly ticked off himself.

-End of Episode.-

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