“Giving up is no good… no good…”

Despite bearing an eerie resemblance to Sukamon, Damemon has proven himself to be a loyal companion and not a monster to be disdained and ignored.

Recruited by SkullKnightmon as one of the original members of the Twilight army, Damemon was the first Digimon Yuu Amano came into contact with. Comforting the young boy with his jolly mannerisms and words of wisdom, Damemon and Yuu’s introduction and potential friendship came to an abrupt end as SkullKnightmon brought them both into Digital Space to introduce Yuu to the Xros Loader and become the first Digimon to DigiXros. Damemon was shortly afterwards partnered with ChuuChuumon, a manipulative mouse completely dedicated to SkullKnightmon.

Little is known about Damemon’s activities in his early days as an agent of the Twilight army, yet due to the passage of time seen with Yuu aging considerably since their first encounter, we can only assume he continued to work alongside his associates and further DarkKnightmon’s influence. For a reason undisclosed, DarkKnight was unable to use Yuu upon returning him to the Digital World and instead took advantage of his sister, Nene Amano. While Nene manipulated both Xros Heart and Blue Flare, Damemon was dispatched to befriend the Bagra Army and become a spy within their ranks. Taken by Lilithmon as a pet, Damemon was able to stumble into meetings between the Head Officers and Bagramon with little effort and soon began to cause strife within. After accompanying Lilithmon to the Dust Zone for the battle between Twilight, Xros Heart and Blue Flare, Damemon goaded Blastmon into attacking the two remaining generals and stealing their Code Crowns. Observing the events in his true form, Tsuwamon, Damemon assisted Shoutmon in his training and provided the final step required for Shoutmon to gain the mentality and skill required to maintain his most powerful DigiXros and defeat Blastmon. Reporting back to DarkKnightmon, Damemon was instructed to continue spreading anarchy within the Bagra army.

His playful nature keeping him undetected, Damemon watched as the head officers were reduced to one and a head, and DarkKnightmon rose to become the admiral of the Bagra army, introducing seven death generals as his lieutenants. Damemon was promoted to being DarkKnightmon’s administrator and was reunited with Yuu to become his protector. During their time together, Damemon bonded with Yuu in the same manner a partner Digimon would with their human partner, and began to care for the safety of DarkKnightmon’s pawn, much to the disapproval of ChuuChuumon who was forever present. Tsuwamon assisted Yuu in playing with Xros Heart in Forest land, DigiXrossing with DarkKnightmon to become MusouKnightmon in an effort to restrain the Xros Heart United Army long enough for Yuu to escape from the forest. Following this, the two waited for the predetermined battle and entered the Hells Field beneath Bright land along with Xros Heart in preparation for the final battle.

Wary of Taiki’s strategic ability, Tsuwamon is concerned over Yuu’s naivety as the battle takes place, refusing to return to his smaller form so that the two of them can play and personally notes that he dislikes lying to Yuu about the true nature of the Digital World. After being engaged by MetalGreymon in a surprise move by Xros Heart, Tsuwamon can only watch as Taiki and Nene convince Yuu that the Digital World is real, and that his actions are causing both pain and suffering. Loyal until the very end, Tsuwamon followed Yuu’s denial of grief and allowed himself to be DigiXrossed with every Digimon in the Hells Field to become DeadlyTsuwamon (Hell Mode). Despite his enhanced state, DeadlyTsuwamon posed no threat to ShoutmonX7 who tore mercilessly into his form and forced him to Xros Open to escape being destroyed.

Weakened and unable to maintain his true form, Tsuwamon became Damemon once more and helped Yuu try to find Apollomon Whispered so that they could escape from the Hells Field. Instead, the two were confronted by Mervamon and Beelzebumon. Concerned for Yuu’s safety in the hands of those he’d just been fighting, Damemon moved to protect his friend only for SkullKnightmon to whisk the two from danger and take them back to Pandemonium once the gateway to safety had been opened.With both Yuu and Damemon having failed him, DarkKnight strips Yuu of the Xros Loader while he sleeps and leaves Damemon to die in front of his partner. Finally free from the grip of darkness, Damemon warns Yuu of the dangers of giving up, and tells him to keep fighting alone. Damemon disappears into data as ChuuChuumon laughs, leaving Yuu alone to face his eternal imprisonment.

Following the defeat of DarknessBagramon by ShoutmonX7 Superior Mode, Yuu expresses his desire to be reunited and looks to the sky with hope for the future. Death is never the end in the Digital World, and with his partner waiting, Damemon is sure to return to life one day. His grotesque form if anything provides evidence that looks do not act as judgement of character. Despite being manipulated himself, Damemon forever remained a loyal and joyful companion, protecting those who mattered most to him and acting out each order to the best of his ability.

DigiXros List
Tsuwamon + DeadlyAxemon = DeadlyTsuwamon
Tsuwamon + DarkKnightmon = MusouKnightmon
Tsuwamon + DeadlyAxemon + Grizzmons + Bullmons + Dobermons + Oryxmons + Gorillamons + Sethmon = DeadlyTsuwamon (Hell Mode)

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