Agumon! Gaomon! Raramon! Explosion! The Last Battle Off-Screen!
Agumon, Gaomon and Raramon are at a radio station talking on the air. They can't believe that they defeated Yggdrasil. Agumon says that Masaru and he make the best team but Gaomon says they will never defeat his team. Raramon says that they are going to show a compilation of all their battles. The first scene is Agumon and Masaru versus Cockatorimon. Agumon says that it is the battle where they first met.

Agumon couldn't evolve so Masaru fought off Cockatorimon for him. Cockatorimon defeated Agumon so Masaru ran and punched Cockatorimon. Masaru gains the digisoul and Agumon evolves to Geogreymon. Raramon points out that Masaru can only get the digisoul through punching. Agumon says that he never noticed that! Agumon says that the digisoul always felt hot. Raramon and Gaomon said they never heard of that before. Next battle is Geogreymon versus Garurumon. Masaru and Agumon had previously fought over fried eggs. They finally come together as true partners during the battle.

Gaomon and Touma's scenes are next. Agumon says that his first impression of Gaomon was pretty bad. Gaomon says the first impression was mutual. Raramon says that they are friends now so it doesn't matter. They show Touma ordering Gaomon around and Gaomon evolving into Gaogamon. Agumon says that Gaomon can’t fight unless he is being ordered around. Gaomon denies it and says that his master is magnificent.

Yoshino and Raramon are up next. They show Kunemon defeating Raramon. She then evolves to Sunflowmon for the first time. Despite it they are defeated again. They next show when Sunflowmon and Gaogamon team up. Raramon is told that it doesn't seem that she is doing much!

The digimon next show when they evolved to Perfect Level. Geogreymon evolves to RiseGreymon to defeat Garudamon. Gaomon compliments them but says that his Perfect was better. Next they show when Yoshino first met Raramon. Raramon says that their bond is very deep. Gaomon says that she shouldn't judge the strength of their bond based on how long they knew each other. Agumon asks when Gaomon and Touma first met but Gaomon doesn't tell them as if it is a big secret. Raramon is shown evolving into Lilamon. Raramon tells them to watch for her awesome fighting abilities.

They next show scenes of BantyoLeomon and the Digisoul Dojo. Gaomon tells the others that he and Touma are masters of 170 languages, including Digimon, so he can read the sign outside of the dojo. The digimon are given the Digivice Burst so that they can reach Ultimate Level. They begin to wonder where BantyoLeomon and the dojo came from in the first place. The digimon then show how they first evolved to Ultimate Level. Agumon says that he doesn't think her looks changed all that much. Gaomon says that her personality changes though. Raramon threatens to whip them later, scaring both Gaomon and Agumon.

Kurata is shown next. Kurata fuses with Belphemon. Masaru and Agumon activate Burst Mode evolution as their hearts unite as one. Agumon says that they are amazingly cool. Gaomon wonders where Kurata is now after he had been sucked into the Digital World. Touma is shown with his father and sister, Relena. Gaomon reaches Burst Mode to protect Relena. Agumon says that Chika is important to Masaru but Gaomon says that Relena's and Touma's relationship is special. Agumon asks him who is more important to Touma, Relena or Gaomon. Gaomon says there is no comparison but can't answer the question. Raramon and Agumon says that MirageGaogamon Burst Mode looks more barbaric and intense. Ikuto and Yoshino then activate their digimon's Burst Mode.

Finally they show the final battle with Yggdrasil. All their Burst Modes attack at once but they have no effect. Agumon and Masaru deliver another brilliant speech and give Yggdrasil the final blow. Gaomon asks Agumon if it was a proper evolution and Agumon calls it Agumon Burst Mode. Agumon asks the others why they won't admit openly how awesome he and Masaru are. They say that he is Agumon.

After the ending theme Raramon comes back and asks what everyone thinks. Agumon says that he and Masaru were cool. Gaomon says Masaru wouldn't have won without his help. Agumon and Gaomon continue to argue and Agumon calls him a dog. Raramon says goodbye until we meet again.
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