Digimon Savers Episode 46
Dub Name: The Truth About BanchoLeomon!
Original Name: Bombshell! The Truth About BantyoLeomon

Flashback. Craniummon is troubled by Yggdrasil's decisions. He is talking to Bantyo Leomon, who is holding up the Digital World. He calls Bantyo Leomon, "Daimon Suguru". He breaks Bantyo Leomon free and takes over for him. He wants to believe that humans and digimon can exist together again. Bantyo Leomon is with Masaru now. Masaru doesn't believe that he is his father. Bantyo Leomon tells him stories that only his father would know about when Masaru was young and he hurt himself and had to be taken to the hospital. Yoshino and the others arrive to find Bantyo Leomon. He tells them that his body has two lives within it. Bantyo Leomon tells them of how he and Suguru became one. After fighting with Mercurimon, Suguru went out to search for Yggdrasil. Destiny made him meet up with Bantyo Leomon. They started to fight with each other and when it was over they were both very tired. They decided to travel together to meet Yggdrasil but they had no clues as to where to find him. One day a tornado appeared in front of them and the Royal Knight Craniummon asked if they were searching for Yggdrasil. Both Suguru and Bantyo Leomon laugh out of happiness; they thought Yggdrasil was a myth.

Craniummon won't allow them to see Yggdrasil because Suguru is a human. Bantyo Leomon sticks up for humans. Craniummon attacks to see what potential they have. Suguru gives Bantyo Leomon the strength to evolve to Burst Mode. They attack and defeat Craniummon. A voice talks to them in their heads. A tree springs from the ground and Yggdrasil appears before them. In the meantime disaster strikes and Kurata begins his first attack on the Digital World. Yggdrasil seeks vengeance against the humans. Suguru tries to convince him that humans and digimon can still live together. Bantyo Leomon says that the chain of hatred must be broken. Suguru promises on his life that it will never happen again. Yggdrasil trusts his word. Kurata then deletes Mercurimon, changing Yggdrasil's mind again. Suguru is angered too. He is told Masaru is in the Digital World and that he is powerless against Kurata. He wants to help but is reminded of his word to Yggdrasil by Bantyo Leomon. The Royal Knights are ready to execute Suguru who says that he doesn't want to die. Bantyo Leomon stops the execution. He says that he wants to be the one to send him to the other world. Bantyo Leomon attacks and punches through Suguru. Bantyo Leomon asks Yggdrasil to stop the attack on the human world in honor of Suguru's death.

Later Bantyo Leomon is with Suguru. He asks Suguru to become one with him so that he can look after Masaru. Suguru gives Bantyo Leomon his digivice and they join together. Masaru asks why Bantyo Leomon didn't tell him before that he was his father. Bantyo Leomon says that Yggdrasil was always watching them. Yggdrasil saw that Bantyo Leomon and Suguru joined souls and enters Suguru's body. He says he will destroy Suguru's body if Bantyo Leomon tells anyone about the joining. Touma says that Yggdrasil wanted to test if a positive existence can exist between humans and digimon. Yggdrasil appears and calls the humans stupid. Yggdrasil attacks them. The digimon say that they are proud of their partners. Yggdrasil attacks again. Bantyo Leomon tells Masaru to take care of his mom and Chika. He walks towards Yggdrasil as he is being blasted. He leaps and grabs Yggdrasil so that he can't move. He tells Yggdrasil that he will take him to Hell with him. As he is holding Yggdrasil, Bantyo Leomon asks Masaru to destroy them both. Masaru gains his digisoul, for the first time without having to punch anything. Agumon evolves to ShineGreymon. Masaru hesitates. ShineGreymon attacks both of them.

An energy surge occurs and the Royal Knights on Earth stop where they are. They can tell that both Yggdrasil and Bantyo Leomon have fallen. Dukemon and Sleipmon are frozen and heading to the bottom of the ocean. Dukemon says that he has realized too late his mistakes in believing fully in the word of a god. Touma says that it is not over yet, thinking about the encroaching Digital World. The ground shakes and Yggdrasil calls them foolish humans. A giant digimon appears in the sky before them.
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